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 Musa Tynix
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This Клуб Винкс Фан-арт might contain безусые ирис, безбородый ирис, hippeastrum, hippeastrum puniceum, хиппеаструм, and хиппеаструм пенисеум.

If Ты listen to your heart
You'll hear a tender voice
The sea is calling you
You know I hear it too
So sail away with me
It's a new journey

All the creatures of the sea
Once lived in harmony
Now it's just a memory
But one день they will be free
We gotta find a key
To bring back the magic

We are the magic Winx
You're one of us
Let's dive together
In the Infinite Ocean
We're gonna be as one
In this underwater mission

We are the magic Winx
You're one of us
We share the universe
We have a connection
Let's fight together
It's an underwater mission

All the creatures of the sea
Once lived in harmony
One день they will be free...
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Till now: Stormy is gravely sick and the only cure to her fever is the a цветок called 'Pyro'. To get the цветок their mother must пересекать, крест the Red Bridge but it is guarded by dragon warriors.
Icy and Darcy find out that their father was killed by Queen Marion herself which effects Icy the most. What plan does she have in her mind??


After weeping in her room for half an hour, Icy finally found the strength to lift herself up. She was the eldest of her sisters so it was her duty to protect them, she had to strong.

Icy comes out of her room as if nothing happened. She sits on the ужин table...
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Winx Club Bloom explores her fairy transformations. Enchantix. . . . Believix. . . . Harmonix . . . .
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I am soooooooo sorry about late update! I was just too lazy to write this chapter, but now it is ready! So enjoy!

Do We Ever See Her Again?

Chapter 9: The день To Never Forget

* Riven POV *

A woman in front of us pulled her капот, худ over her head, and revealed her face. At first I almost did not recognize her, but then my eyes hit her deep green eyes. I know only one woman who has a deep green eyes like that. But surely she can not be her... She can't be the woman we were looking for the six years...
But she is... It is Flora!

*Helia POV *

When a mysterious woman pulled her капот, худ over her head and...
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 Meeka's Take on Tricy.
Meeka's Take on Tricy.
It’s Me again. Me with a new Meeka’s Take. Me with my take on Tricy (Tritannus+Icy) as suggested by WinxClub_Stella.
Me saying: let’s do this.

NOTE: I will make some of the same Комментарии I made about Icy as I did from Meeka’s Take #8 on the Trix. If Ты haven’t read it link
Now let’s do this.

OMG this is like the bestest couple like OMG how could Ты guys not like this couple. xD
I couldn’t go on. Where do I even begin on how awful this idea was?
First of all. NO еще ICY Любовь ATTEMPTS IGINIO. THANKS.
First it was Darkar, then it was Valtor and now...
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