the worst spot on Fanpop what is the worst phobia's?

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allodoxa- phobia- fear of opinions
allodoxaphobia-fear of opinions
amathophobia- fear of dust
amathophobia-fear of dust
ambulophobia- fear of walking
ambulophobia-fear of walking
anablephobia- fear of looking up
anablephobia-fear of looking up
alliumphobia- fear of garlic
alliumphobia-fear of garlic
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altophobia- fear of heights
altophobia-fear of heights
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amaxophobia- fear of riding in a car
amaxophobia-fear of riding in a car
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amnesiphobia- fear of amnesia
amnesiphobia-fear of amnesia
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amychophobia- fear of scratches или being scratched
amychophobia-fear of scratches или being scratched
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ancraophobia- fear of wind
ancraophobia-fear of wind
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none and why
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 sugarcane15 posted Больше года
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amathop- hobia- fear of dust
orangeturnip picked amathophobia-fear of dust:
i think fear of dust out of these because if you just remember for one second that dust is made of mostly human skin you would get a panic attack
posted Больше года.
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anablep- hobia- fear of lookin- g...
sugarcane15 picked anablephobia-fear of looking up:
I hate when I look up and something go's into my eye
posted Больше года.
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ambulop- hobia- fear of walking
EalasaidWooster picked ambulophobia-fear of walking:
I would hate it - you would have to be completely dependent on other people!!
posted Больше года.
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allodoxa- phobia- fear of...
Mrs-Grint picked allodoxaphobia-fear of opinions:
If that person was anywhere near me, they'd shit themselves.
posted Больше года.