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ItsOutThere posted on Jun 07, 2013 at 12:34AM
Hi there my fellow X-Philes.
As I'm sure many of you would have heard, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, David Duchovny requested assistance from all the X-philes and Shippers out there to send an email or letter to FOX encouraging them to fund the third movie in the X-files trilogy. Let's face it, many people out there do not want to see the series we lovingly followed for so many years end on the note of IWTB (Or at least we don't).

Anyways, down to business. I've been an avid fan for many years now, having grown up with the series in the 90's and getting "into the industry" in New Zealand because of the show. Having converted a few fellow budding filmsters, we've decided to take DD request for letters a bit further and have decided to write a script. I know having read through other forums (and I'm aware not everyone thinks this but...) and some people often argue over whether they ever got a fans perspective on episodes. Well we have decided to send them some ideas! (Hoping they will have a look or at the very least, when Mitch Pileggi comes to New Zealand's Armageddon convention this year that he would sign it).

That's where you come in!
As I mentioned we all have different variations (as well as different levels of "obsession" over the show). I would just like to know what YOU would like to see. I've posted in other forums and there has been 3 things that pop up.

1) William. The general concensus is to not play out the movie as the phrophecy which was foretold in the series but rather write him in in a subtle way. The whole "Kid saving the world from an alien invasion" thing brings to mind too many images of terminator in my opinion. We do however have a script for the child saviour concept though.

2) The final alien invasion attempt as the premise of the movie. Obviously the date of December 22 2012 has past, but maybe this date of impending doom was only the start. The day the "Black oil began being spread into the population. Would you prefer a script based on this, or an un-alien related but paranormal event.

3) Mulder & Scully. This final point is the one that has us debating into all hours of the night. There are several questions I have for you relating to these two...
- Firstly, How do you think they will work now that Scully is more "open minded" (obviously not to psychic priests but to government conspiracies and aliens). For me they always worked so well because of her level-headedness and his open-mindedness. I'm rather stumped as to how to get that back? Maybe because the date of 22.12.12 passed, she believed they were all just crazy? Opinions?
- Secondly, how do we get them back into the X-files. We have versions where Skinner needs their help and opens the xfiles, we have that they are randomly approached by agents (potentially the ones they will "reboot" the series with?) or whether M&S approach the FBI? Your ideas would be greatly appreciated.
- Lastly; In the end would you like to see their story wrapped up ie They find william and for once end happy without darkness OR William is not found but they are together OR (this idea upset me but I'll put it out there) would you prefer a twist like one of them actually dying and not coming back? [Fellow shipper Meg suggested this and it ended up in a vocal battle].

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Больше года ABCAtrue said…
I don't think he meant to go out an try and write a script lol... but I guess it has the smallest possibility ever to work? Personally I think you should totally ignore the last movie, it left a sour taste in lots of mouths and is probably why fox doesn't hold out hope that there would be a third film worth doing?

It is a good point about the whole Mulder vs Scullys opinions.. the series worked so well because they were always clashing on paranormal vs scientific explanation. After 9 seasons and an abduction experience, is there any way that she would not be sceptical though? Their chemistry in the second movie wasn't as great and im not sure if that was because they had finally gotten together and there wasn't the "will-they-wont-they" to keep things interesting. Will there also be any logical reason for mulder to join the FBI without scully because she has now taken on the "I'm a doctor" mentality - leaving the darkness behind her? I think it would be a tad...expected to have the whole happy families thing? But I agree with you in that the death would upset the global xphiles network and probably make the movie a tad sombre. Both have a tendancy to come back from the dead though... maybe work that into it?

That's just my opinion but I hope it helps?