The X-Files What are the funnest episodes?

natakl posted on Oct 22, 2013 at 10:57AM
By this I mean the episodes where Mulder and Scully have fun and/or that focus on their relationship but aren't too heavy. For example, the episode where they went to a haunted house on Christmas. Thanks in advance!

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Больше года KarinaCullen said…
Some that i remember!

S2E20 - "Humbug"
S3E12 - "War of the Coprophages"
S3E22 - "Quagmire"
S4E20 - "Small Potatoes"
S5E4 - "Detour"
S5E5 - "The Post-Modern Prometheus"
S5E12 - "Bad Blood"
S6E4 & 5 - "Dreamland" & "Dreamland II"
S6E6 - "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"
S6E8 - "The Rain King"
S6E15 - "Arcadia"
S6E20 - "Three of a Kind"
S7E4 - "Millennium"
S7E6 - "The Goldberg Variation"
S7E13 - "First Person Shooter"
S7E19 - "Hollywood A.D."
S7E20 - "Fight Club"
Больше года JasBus said…
S7, E21 - "Je Souhaite" - Mulder and Scully discover a jinniah (genie) in a rug
Больше года Eleanor1998 said…
S5E4 - "Detour"