The X-Files So frustrating! help any1?

irth posted on Jan 19, 2009 at 10:06AM
are there any episodes NOT on youku?
I cant read what the "error" /exclamation point is tryin to tell me..I guess I cant watch youku vids..?

I click it and a whole menu of totally unrelated japanese? clips comes up...?

any ideas..or m I doing something wrong?

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Больше года ebathory said…
Umm, you're not doing anything wrong, Youku is a chinese video-hosting website. But they should work for pretty much everyone, although you can also watch episodes online at many other websites.

Try sidereel or surfthechannel, they usually have multiple links for each episode, just keep trying different host sites until you find something that works for you.

Hope this helped.

Больше года velvet_fox said…
Try Though I'm not sure if X-files is still under the free viewing catagory or not....