The X-Files /countdown - round 9: FINAL ROUND/ Pick your LEAST Избранное couple/pairing

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Doggett and Reyes
Mulder and Scully
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 JstSmA posted Больше года
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JstSmA picked Doggett and Reyes:
3. Doggett and Scully
4. Reyes and Follmer
5. Scully and Ed Jerse
6. Krycek and Marita
7. Mulder and Diana
8. Mulder and Kristen Kilar
9. Byers and Susanne Modeski
10. Mulder and Phoebe

Don't know if there's any point in even making this final round since the outcome of it is obvious :D
posted Больше года.
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xxxxsammyxxxx picked Doggett and Reyes:
posted Больше года.
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cicino1 picked Doggett and Reyes:
Mulder/Scully FTW :D
posted Больше года.
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MelBelle2 picked Doggett and Reyes:
I LOVE how Doggett and Reyes made it to the final round. :D I'm such a fan of MSR and DR. :P
posted Больше года.