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The X-Files Do Ты like Diana??

17 fans picked:
 callianltm posted Больше года
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Ms_Mea picked No:
Ugh, I HATE her :P
posted Больше года.
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lilith84 picked Yes:
I used to hate her, but my views on a lot of things have changed and after watching Amor Fati, I can't really hate her. She gave her life to save Mulder after all. She's still not my favourite person, but I don't hate her.
posted Больше года.
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MeanMrMustard picked No:
At first I didn't hate her, I just thought she was kind of boring. But then she tried to get close to Mulder again, and I wanted Scully to kick her butt.
posted Больше года.
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mellissastinson picked No:
Absolutely 100% hate her -_- worst character there is -_-
posted Больше года.