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The Youth of Today is here to help young people make a positive difference to society, starting right now.

We offer:

Leadership roles – Giving young people power to act on the issues Ты care about.

Training – Providing young people with the skills Ты need to lead the way.

Networking – Allowing young people to collaborate with peers and those in power.
If Ты are a young person, why not find out how to get involved?

If you're an adult who works with young people, why not discover how Ты can put young people in touch with leadership opportunities?

The Youth of Today has been created to help...
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Have Ты ever shown a leadership spark? Perhaps at school? In your family? или while running your own campaign?

Are Ты from...
East London...Camden...Birmingham... Coventry... Tyne and Wear...Tees Valley... Merseyside...Bradford...Cumbria????

If so, The Youth of Today Fellowship Programme needs you!

What is it?
The Fellowship has been set up to identify 600 young leaders from all sorts of leadership backgrounds.

It provides the training, mentoring and networking opportunities that Ты need to change our world for the better.

How does it work?
As a Fellow, you’ll be involved in:

A summer residential:...
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