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Article by alyssazon posted Больше года
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Interview with Thet Mon Myint in Myanmar people magazine: December, 2011
At one of Хэллоуин Nights, I (the interviewer) met with her wearing pretty & bright red dress. Her style was very fashionable this time. It also looked like she herself was satisfied with her changed fashion style.

TMM: As I've been taking cover фото for People magazine frequently, I want to Показать different side of me to my fans. That's why I've taken pictures dressing like this. Ma Pont (designer) arranged dresses for me. We prepared only red & black dresses. 'Aren't they lovely?' She also asked me while explaining her фото concept.

Interviewer: What are your current activities?
TMM: Only videos. I've just finished the video: 'Lucky draw of love'(Kan san mae achit).

Interviewer: How many Фильмы have Ты filmed for this year?
TMM: Only about 3 movies.

Interviewer: How do Ты relax after your continuous filming days?
TMM: I just travel for my work during New год & Thingyan rather than private relaxation. And I’m happy in the setting или film scenes though I just want to relax when I’m tired filming день & night....