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Assigned and Crushes


"Bye sweetie. Write and don't forget to have fun. See Ты in a month." сказал(-а) Renee before she drove away.

Take a deep breath. Just blend in with the crowd, I thought as I went to the counselors cabin. I counted and there were 11 other counselors and two head counselors.

"HELLO COUNSELORS!" The boy scream. Preppy much? "I am the head counselor Mark. This is Jenna my assistant counselor. Who is ready for a fun месяц of camp?!"

Nobody сказал(-а) anything. It looked like their parents forced them to come here too.

"Okay..." сказал(-а) Jenna. "Now we're going to give Ты your cabins. The...
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Hell on Earth


The moment I stepped into the classroom I knew it was going to be hell.

"Ms. Swan!" сказал(-а) a voice I've hated since I was 18. "Cullen! What the hell are Ты doing here?" I screamed. There standing there was Edward Cullen. Once my love, my life, my everything now my worst enemy.

"Ms. Swan! That language won't be tollerated in my class!" He smirked. I ran out the door.

This can not be happening! I can not be student-teaching Edward's class! We freaking hate each other!

I was heading towards the office but I saw Principal Greene in the yard. "Jeffery!" I yelled. He turned towards me....
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Little Girls don't understand

Please let her live. Please let her live. Carlisle thought as he tried his hardest to save Juju.

I saw Bella holding hard on a wooden таблица and saw it was about to crack.

"Bella... Let go of the table. Esme'll be mad." I mumbled quietly. Everyone was hunting far away. Bella and I wanted to go alone.

My cell phone rang. It was Alice.

"Edward is she okay?" Alice asked once I answered.

"You tell me Mrs. Pyshic. Ты should've told me half an час earlier before she was abused!"

"Edward I'm sorry. I had my mind on a lot of things. Like pyshco Вампиры out to dominate the world....
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The Girl


It's been 10 years since the Volturi came. Let out a breath of relief. They must've moved on by now.

6 years назад we moved to Tutunendo, Columbia considering all the rainfall there. Since Charlie died, so suddenly that Alice didn't see it, we didn't have a reason to live in Forks anymore.

"Distracted?" asked my love, Bella. She pulled my head down until we were the same height and kissed my neck. No matter how distracted I was I couldn't past an oppurtunity to express my Любовь for Bella.

"Just thinking about life..." I mumbled.

"Well I'm thirsty. Let's go hunting!" she exclaimed. Her...
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