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posted by kema
So we all know that bill and tom kaulitz have a new hairstyle right?
Lets think about it Bill got short dreads and tom has black haired кукуруза rows, not his lovely dreads any еще =( I mean we wont get to see bill look like a sweet lion anymore it suxs but Эй, if your a true Фан you'll always Любовь them no matter what right? so its a cool,of course they also have their new album coming out!! ahhh can't wait ok so new hair and new album perfect. Maybe Gearg and Gustav should get new hair styles Далее LOL can Ты imagine Gearg with dreads!? LoL или maybe Gustav letting his hair grow long.. even though that would'nt be so bad after all..if thier thinking about getting a new hairstyle i just hope its good.. but like i сказал(-а) true Фаны will always Любовь them no matter what!♥ Tokio Hotel Rocks!!!♥♥