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posted by emmab13
So, here's a story about Duncan in Juvy. It's going to be in first person. (Duncan's point of view). Enjoy.
It was raining and cold when the cops took me away. Shoving me up against the капот, худ of a car and hand cuffing my wrists. "Get in there, punk!" Brian, my parole officer, exclaimed at me as he threw me into the back of the car. I tried to have a conversation with him, but I could only hear him muffle and scoff under his breath. The only thing I heard him say was "Shut up, Duncan. I'm not in the mood,". This was when he was yelling...
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Before i begin, i would like to say i got inspired to do a rewritten version of Total Drama All Stars and include characters who weren't in TDAS like Harold, Tyler, Anne Maria, Noah, Owen, Dawn, and Brick.
Episode 1: Герои vs Villains
(Fade to inside a prison where Chef and a guard are walking past prison cells that lined the hall. Chef walks past a prisoner wearing a eye patch and the Psycho Killer with the Chainsaw and Hook)
I'M INNOCENT I TELL YA. yells the Psycho Killer
(The eye patch prisoner makes kissy faces at Chef and the guard. Chef grows increasingly concerned when he hears a certian...
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posted by 15sturmelle2
Chapter 1/2:
Heroes vs Villains part 1/part 2
Chef was walking down a hallway walking past the jail cells of the other prisoners. He suddenly heard a familar voice and saw Chris. Unlike the other inmates who's prison cells were metal bars, Chris's jail cell was made of clear glass. After being handed a folder with files on the competing All Stars, Chris's eyes lit up in excitement. After the intro, Chris began his speech. The island may of have been cleaned up of the toxic waste, but the same old cabins still remain, as well as the dirty outhouse confessional. сказал(-а) Chris After talking, an army...
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posted by 15sturmelle2
Before I begin, not only does my version fix all the issues the canon TDAS season had, but I've also fixed the 14 contestant format and increased the amount to 41. That's right. Not only are the TDI-TDWT and TDRI people in this, but so are the TDPI and TDRR contestants. So with that being said, let's begin.
Episode 1: Introductions
"Cut to the inside of a submarine: Chef is seen piloting the giant watercraft and the cast has some time to mingle amongst one another. In one corner of the submarine, DJ manages to get Ella, Miles, and Dawn into a conversation. As everyone was mingling, Chef suddenly...
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Ok, so with the finale airing tomorrow, I figured I would give my opinion on this season.

Total Drama All Stars was not as good as I expected it to be. I thought TDAS would be up there with TDI now that we would see the Original Cast back. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I will start with the worst things about this season.

5. Character Development

This is always something Фаны want is development. I think we got a bit of that from the new cast, especially with Mike. But the old cast was just left out to rot.

-Courtney had development going, but the writers decided to go back to TDA Courtney....
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I have some good reasons so I thought I'd make an Статья about it :) This Статья is not for the purpose of changing people's minds. This Статья also contains why I stopped shipping Gwuncan. I don't hate или dislike Gwuncan, they just aren't my cup of чай right now.

1. From Gwen's Назад relationship with Trent, even though she won't admit it, Gwen wants a boyfriend who will write Поэзия for her, buy her flowers, and sing songs to her. She wouldn't dare say that to Duncan though. Since he's like the exact opposite. Not that he can't be romantic at times.

2. Duncan likes it when girls fight...
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posted by TDI_A_WT_ROTI
Well, that's it for another season!

With help from Heather and Al (as a couple!) and Gwen and Cameron, the finale turned out well.

Mal was defeated, but Mike also Остаться в живых his personalities as they hit a reset button. It seemed rushed.

We got our OWEN cameo as he filled balloons with old contestants.

Oh screw it, MIKE WINS!

Although it was Mike, not Mal. Mike got the strength of all his personalities and won! But of course Zoey was a good sport about it, so it was ok. Mike although continued the tradition of the winner not getting the million as Chris still had it with him. And they all agreed, never again will they play Total Drama. And Camp wawanawka sank due to the challenge somehow.

Oh well I guess Zoey will win in the alternate ending. Thank Ты for following me all season!

Mal felt someone breathing down his neck. He slowly turned his head, noticing...... nothing but darkness. Mal shooed it off and went back to sleep. Around 2 in the morning, a coldness that filled his room awoke Mal. He tried to заворачивать, обертывание himself in his blanket, but it was quickly ripped off his body. As he tried to reach around and find his blanket, he felt a fabric material. He looked up and saw someone in a full black cloak.

Mal's eyes widen in fear when he saw the figure. "H-hello." Mal said, frightened. Mal rarely got scared, but with all the experiences he had tonight, he was terrified. The...
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Wooo!!!! Part 3 baby!!! Sorry. Got a little exited there. Well here Ты go. Part 3 of my story. This is getting very exiting.
Weeks passed. Zoey and Duncan have been getting very close, like dating close, but Duncan hasn't asked her........yet. Unfortunately for Mike, when ever he saw the two of them together, he would have a hard time controlling Chester. It's only happened a couple of times though. Like at school, Mike was hanging out with Cameron and Zoey at lunch. Duncan surprised her by coming. Mike turned to Chester, but still...
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So as Ты know, the finale is Mal vs. Zoey.

They really both have played fairly well this season. But I think it's pretty obvious that Zoey should win. And here's why:

1. Zoey has been amazing this season. I honestly think this is the best anyone has ever performed in a season. All 3 times the Герои won was because of Zoey. And she is the only person EVER on Total Drama to win 3 invincibility changes in a row! The only other person who did this if I'm correct was Courtney in TDA, but she didn't do it back to back to back. She is also a lot еще athletic and еще focused than she was in Revenge...
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Episode 9:
Suckers Punched:
Chris (Recapping events from the Назад episode):
Last time on Total Drama All Stars, the teams went for an egg hunt at the fun zone, which was anything but fun. (laughs) Heather finally got what was coming to her when her team voted against her. Nice work Alejandro. Will the Герои get back on track and snag victory from the villains yet again? Those Ответы and еще to be answered right here, right now on Total Drama All Stars!
(Cut to the loser cabin: Dawn and Sierra are talking about keeping the mutant rat)
Sierra, i didn't want it to have to come to this,...
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Chris had been in jail since last season and wasn't waiting long for Chef to stop by and tell him a new season was in the works and asked if he agreed to hosting the new season. Chris reluctantly agreed. After being released from prison and now standing on the dock, Chris took a moment to talk about the changes made. The island may of have been cleaned up, but the dirty outhouse confessional and cabins still remain. сказал(-а) Chris And this season, I'm bringing back 14 contestants to battle it out on this island. From our original cast, say hello to Alejandro. A лодка arrived carrying Alejandro,...
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posted by TDI_A_WT_ROTI
The only reason I'm saying this is because I've heard from Фаны that they did this last год with ROTI and had the final 4 as the only playable characters. The 8 playable characters are (SPOILERS):


I'm just wondering why Cartoon Network would spoil it like that! Lindsay, Lightning, and Jo are not playable characters, and never were. Although the game is fun, CN should've included all 14 contestants and not spoil us if this is true. I would be rooting for Sierra and Zoey, in case anyone is wondering. (Courtney is my first choice.)

So IF this is true, then Alejandro, Cameron, and Courtney would be the Далее to go? Yet again, they don't have Duncan on the heroes. Everyone else is on the right team. What do Ты guys think? Is it true? I hope not. I want Courtney to win!
posted by TDI_A_WT_ROTI
Эй, everyone!

Okay, I am almost positive now that (SPOILER) Courtney is most likely going Главная on Tuesday and the Список is right. But I don't really think I'm worried that she'll get eliminated and we get the dreaded ROTI/ROTI and Hero/Hero finale.

I feel a lot еще worried that Courtney will lose her friendship with Gwen and potentially break up with Scott. They really seemed mad at her and since Gwen and Zoey are bonding more, I just can't see their friendship surviving 100%.

What do Ты guys think? I know I'm treating a cartoon like real life but what can I say? I'm a super fan!
Sundae Muddy Sundae was the worst total drama all stars episode because of 4 people Chris Mal Scott and Gwen. Each of them had a part in ruining the episode. All of them had a part in Courtney getting elimanated. Chris made the twist that Ты had to eat your own sundae. Scott voted for her. Mal showed everyone the chart and voted for her. And Gwen got her elimanated by saying that to prove her loyalty she would have to vote herself off. And I have another 2 reasons to hate this episode. The reasons are Courtney and Gwen stopped being FRICKING Друзья and Scotteny FRICKING broke up
posted by sturmelle15
The intro began with the camera panning across the island to the locations of all 38 contestants. One part of the island reveals Jo's Heracross using Megahorn to send Brick's Pinsir flying. On another part of the island, Alejandro's Gardevoir is doing her best to impress Heather's Gallade.A couple miles away, Bridgette's Vaporeon and Geoff's Cloyster look at each other in confusion while their trainers make out, B's Magnezone uses Zap пушка to send Scott's Raticate flying, Mike and Zoey are floating downstream towards a waterfall, while their Flareon and Jolteon run to meet them, on a log,...
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Again, this is not my article. Enjoy!
Check out SailorMarble14, who wrote this.
Back at Zoey's house, Zoey was anxiously watching out her door, checking for Mike, hoping that he would arrive soon. "Oh Mike. Where are you?" Zoey сказал(-а) worriedly.

"Don't worry Zoey. I'm sure Mike will be here soon." Cameron told her, patting her back. Zoey smiled. "Thanks, Cam." Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Zoey smiled and rushed to the door and pulled it open, but once she saw whom it was she frowned.

"Hi Zoey." Mal said. Zoey was disgusted...
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jo: Эй, heather im back and better than Ты i fell sorry for Ты out of 3 seasons be on this Показать Ты didn't make 1 friend your so alone
heather : oh what im sorry tomboy i didnt hear Ты i was to bisses talking on the phone i dont care what Ты think of me Ты still got voted off befor me
jo : oh heather dear why do Ты dare try me Ты know Ты cant fight me when Ты cry it diglights me
heather : oh bit me Ты know i dont wont yall to like me
jo : oh heather knowone would bit Ты really look Ты no1 nows Ты have anything on your hindend

WHO WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO'S NEXT
Mal sprang up and out of bed. He looked around the room, not noticing anything. "Man. That was a weird dream." Mal сказал(-а) as he rubbed his head. He felt a strange bump on his head that hurt when he touched it. "Strange." Mal сказал(-а) with confusion. Mal looked around his room some еще and noticed a gift box on his bed. Mal rolled his eyes, after spotting the gift. "Great Mike. Like I need a gift." Mal сказал(-а) with annoyance. He shifted to the end of his постель, кровати and untied a ribbon. Out of thin air another ghost appeared, this time looking like Manitoba Smith.

"I'm not a gift mate," the ghost began crossing...
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