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So as Ты know, the finale is Mal vs. Zoey.

They really both have played fairly well this season. But I think it's pretty obvious that Zoey should win. And here's why:

1. Zoey has been amazing this season. I honestly think this is the best anyone has ever performed in a season. All 3 times the Герои won was because of Zoey. And she is the only person EVER on Total Drama to win 3 invincibility changes in a row! The only other person who did this if I'm correct was Courtney in TDA, but she didn't do it back to back to back. She is also a lot еще athletic and еще focused than she was in Revenge...
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Before I begin, not only does my version fix all the issues the canon TDAS season had, but I've also fixed the 14 contestant format and increased the amount to 41. That's right. Not only are the TDI-TDWT and TDRI people in this, but so are the TDPI and TDRR contestants. So with that being said, let's begin.
Episode 1: Introductions
"Cut to the inside of a submarine: Chef is seen piloting the giant watercraft and the cast has some time to mingle amongst one another. In one corner of the submarine, DJ manages to get Ella, Miles, and Dawn into a conversation. As everyone was mingling, Chef suddenly...
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Episode 9:
Suckers Punched:
Chris (Recapping events from the Назад episode):
Last time on Total Drama All Stars, the teams went for an egg hunt at the fun zone, which was anything but fun. (laughs) Heather finally got what was coming to her when her team voted against her. Nice work Alejandro. Will the Герои get back on track and snag victory from the villains yet again? Those Ответы and еще to be answered right here, right now on Total Drama All Stars!
(Cut to the loser cabin: Dawn and Sierra are talking about keeping the mutant rat)
Sierra, i didn't want it to have to come to this,...
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Chris had been in jail since last season and wasn't waiting long for Chef to stop by and tell him a new season was in the works and asked if he agreed to hosting the new season. Chris reluctantly agreed. After being released from prison and now standing on the dock, Chris took a moment to talk about the changes made. The island may of have been cleaned up, but the dirty outhouse confessional and cabins still remain. сказал(-а) Chris And this season, I'm bringing back 14 contestants to battle it out on this island. From our original cast, say hello to Alejandro. A лодка arrived carrying Alejandro,...
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The only reason I'm saying this is because I've heard from Фаны that they did this last год with ROTI and had the final 4 as the only playable characters. The 8 playable characters are (SPOILERS):


I'm just wondering why Cartoon Network would spoil it like that! Lindsay, Lightning, and Jo are not playable characters, and never were. Although the game is fun, CN should've included all 14 contestants and not spoil us if this is true. I would be rooting for Sierra and Zoey, in case anyone is wondering. (Courtney is my first choice.)

So IF this is true, then Alejandro, Cameron, and Courtney would be the Далее to go? Yet again, they don't have Duncan on the heroes. Everyone else is on the right team. What do Ты guys think? Is it true? I hope not. I want Courtney to win!
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