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Here's a story about how Mal took over Mike's mind. From the beginning, to how Mal was locked up to how Mal took over Mike's mind. Enjoy.

I escaped from Mike's mind jail(or what ever it was). I ran away from that terrible place. That's when I saw it all. Mike beat up his personalities and gained control of his mind. I realized that I, Mal, would have to change this.

1 год passed. I was plotting my revenge to take over his mind. Not just that, but to make sure I'm the...
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1. Dawn: While yes, she never took off as a character after TDROTI ended, it would of have been nice to see her get used again.
2. Dakota: She's another character who didn't get reused for season 5.
3. Cody: Yes, i know he only competed for two seasons, but it's a shame he never made a comeback in season 5.
4. Brick: He's another character that desperately deserved a comeback. Shame that never ended up happening.
5. Bridgette: Again, she was one of those characters that only competed on 3 seasons in total, but come on, Ты can't go wrong with Bridgette.
6. DJ: With so many episodes without...
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It was just turning from день to night when Zoey and Mike had pulled up to the bridge where The Goatman visits. They decided to enjoy their moment alone until Zoey stopped, sensing her and Mike were being watched. I think we should get out of here. сказал(-а) Mike What are Ты kidding? I think we should stay and enjoy our moment alone. сказал(-а) Zoey Okay. сказал(-а) Mike, leaning in for a Kiss until a tall goat creature showed up Далее to their car, interrupting their moment alone. Suddenly, an axe shattered through the back window and landed in the back seat, causing both Mike and Zoey to panic. The Goatman...
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The 5th episode of Total Drama All-Stars!! Enjoy!! :)
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