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Everyones OCs may not have big parts (or many parts) in certain episodes..but I try ^^'' ...
Also, excuse my horrible spelling
(mostly for the word ''Aren't " )

Daniel: *has a backwards baseball кепка, колпачок on* Aight, C-pers

Veto: THATS MY THING! *takes the hat*

Daniel: right T-T Once Ты all finish breakfast, we will be going to the place Veto has always wanted to go--


Daniel: *facepalm* Japan

Veto: ….*falls of the bench*

Boxxy: *pokes his face* …um..

Daniel: *nods* Okay. One down, 18 to go *grins*

Nylee: … e_e... are Ты planning on..killing us?

Daniel: ...Yes- OKAY. So, Japan.. yeah....

Gabe: … Isn’t that like..7,540.2602216 kilometers away?

Daniel: *smirks* long way to go.

Eddie: Nice math skills

Gabe: *lifts up a calculator*

Eddie: ….Oh.. I thought Ты were...a nerd...or something..

...yeah.. time skip


Kitty: *doodling in her notebook*

Cassie: *sits down beside her*

Kitty: Hi Cassie!

Cassie: Hi

Kitty: Look what I thought of *rips out a notebook page*

Cassie: ..Brassie? …...Casley?

Kitty: *smiles* Its your couple name!

Bradley: *very slowly turns around to face them* ….


Bradley: ..I...uhm... thought you...hated... *uses finger quotation things* ‘’us’’ ….earlier..?

Kitty: Something in my mind just... changed! *smiles*


Kitty: *gets closer to the camera* Ты all know about Mike? From a different season? He had MPD? Well... I guess I’m in the same boat... I’m bipolar... But... Shhhh … I also don’t want anyone to know.


Veto: DEAR GOD *slams head off the table* I’M SO FUCKING BORED.

Maylene: Play with toys! Thats fuuuunn!

Teddy: Eat chocolate-- NO DON’T …. ALL THE Шоколад IS MINE!

Veto: *muffled* good. I don’t really like Шоколад anyways

Teddy: … *eats a bar*

Eddie: * hitting... the таблица to the beat of Candyland by BOTDF*

Veto: *looks up at Eddie* …

Eddie: … *smiles*

Veto: …Welcome to Candyland..

Eddie: I’ll трещина, сплит your жопа, попка in two!

Veto: So take me by the head...

Eddie: Lick it up, slide it down

Both: And satisfy my sweet tooth!

Luke: ..What are Ты guys singing?

*both start ‘’dancing’’ *

Veto: Welcome to candyland

Eddie: You'll wanna fuck me twice

Veto: I’ll be your gingerbread man...

Eddie: First time naughty

Veto: секунда time nice!

Eddie: ..Thats all I know..

Gabe: Good.

Crinpy: Catchy tune!

Veto: I know right :B


Daniel: *has a Hello Kitty рубашка on and a flashing scarf* WE--

Eddie: MATCH *pulls on his tie and it starts flashing* :D


Veto: Being glad that Ты are here --

Daniel: *punches him in the arm* no one cares that Ты watch children shows--

Veto: PHINEAS AND FERB IS NOT-- Okay.. It is... :T

Daniel: OKIE. Since most of Ты ...may или not.. know... that Япония is big for its clothing-

Eddie: Is it really? *pulls on his tie again and it turns off* its also glow in the dark :3

Daniel: Okay, maybe its not.. I don’t know nor do I actually care. But anyways, since I’m guessing it is... … You’ll be making ..clothes...

Nylee: like... things that Harajuku Girls would wear?


Daniel: *punches him again* Stop. No one cares that Ты like Nicki Minaj either.
But yeah, pretty much stuff like that...AND your have to Дизайн your own Anime/Manga character AND a Yamanba/ Manba/ Center Guy ….person.

Gabe: … So... We’re ..just...designing clothes?

Daniel: Yep. Then someone on your team has to model it! and by Дизайн your own character, I mean like... the model actually has to look like a person Ты made.

Lana: This sounds pretty fun... Can the person modelling also design?

Daniel: Of course. Okay.. I’ll let Ты guys pick out all that fun stuff.

..SO I guess they’re all in this ….place ...with sewing machines and shit...

Veto: I WANNA Дизайн THE Аниме Манга PERSON! And um... I wanna do the make-up and um... Valencia can be the model.. .and --

Teddy: Who put Ты in charge?

Veto: … *looks around the room*


*Valencia,Veto and Eddie raise their hands*

Valencia: He can be in charge of that part. c:

Veto: Yeah.. I wasn’t trying to be in charge anyways ...

Eddie: Moving along

Crinpy: I’ll help with the Harajuku!

( … I wanna try to ...make her use like.. British slang.. but .. I’m very bad at that stuff.. I don’t really know any... ._.’’)


Lana:... OKAY



Gabe: *strokes his chin *... Hmm...Go for the Yamaba person thing...

Eddie: Ohh... that’ll be fun

Lana: .. It will be?

Eddie: … yeah ….

Veto: … *sets down his sketchpad* Ты guys do know what that looks like right?

Eddie: No idea

Veto: … Okay... What about Gangerou?

Eddie: Nope

Veto: …*sighs* Okay... Well ganguro means Blackface.. *explains what it looks like.. I have no idea how to*

Eddie: ..oh...WELL.. HAVE FUN LANA!

Lana: W-What D: NOOOOO

Crindoela: Who’ll go for Harajuku?

Eddie: Maylene или you

Crindoela: …. I will!

Maylene: *hugs her stuffed bunny* Okay cx


Bradley: … I d-don’t know... anything about this stuff..

Kitty I do! I think Cassie should model for Harajuku!

Cassie: ... Alright! Who’s good at designing?

Kitty: I’ve seen a few of Edwards paintings--

Edward: >_< I don--

Kitty: I think he should!

Roxanne: I will if he wont--

Autumn: Okay, Roxanne will!

Kitty: :/ Okay...

Billy: who will model for that... Yamaba thing?

Kitty: Lily! She has blonde hair already!

Lily: I d-don’t w--

Kitty: Sure Ты do!

Amy: I could.. model for--

Kitty: No, Ты can’t model. You’re in...that... chair

Amy: … >.<

Autumn: Kitty!

Bradley: … :/ … Kitty... do Ты wanna model then?

Kitty: Sure!

Cassie: Lets start working :D

/SB ;working/

Veto: *in a corner drawing*


Luke: *sprays ..fake dye in the wig* Yup.

Lana: … thats... a lot *pokes the wig*

Luke: Mmm. *shakes the can* Too much blue?

Lana: Needs еще pink. :P

Luke: *nods and picks up another can*


Crindoela: So, I still getta wear my cap?

Gabe: .. Might as well... the whole outfit is ugly anyways

Crindoela: O_O *slowly turns around to face Gabe*

Gabe: ...

Crindoela: … *picks up a can of hair dye*

Gabe: e_o What are Ты doing...

Crindoela: *sprays the can in Gabes face* x3 Green Форс-мажоры you!
(just gonna throw this out there, but shes not doing that to be mean, but to have fun :P )

Gabe: … e_e

Luke: *putting the wig on Lana* Oh man... He looks p.i.s.s.e.d

Lana: Gabey :O

Daniel *barges in* Ты DON’T GOT MUCH TIME LEFT. Here, have some intern help! *pushes Intern Luke in the room*

Veto: *has a pencil in his mouth* deres ah twime lemet?

Daniel: GET THAT OUTTA YOUR MOUTH. and yes, there is

Veto: *takes pencil out* Coulda told us that earlier!


Intern Luke: Ohhhhhhhhhgod...Okay

Eddie: Cool. cool. I mean like, your outfit is all bright and shit

I.Luke: and yours isnt?

Eddie: *pulls on his tie* … :3

I.Luke: *looks over at Gabe* Woah! Whats going on over there?

Gabe: O_O SHE SPRAYED DYE IN MY FACE! *sprays dye in Crindoelas hair*

I.Luke: DUDE!!!Spray me *runs in front of Crindoela*

Gabe: *shrugs*… Okay... *does ..that.. in his hair* (...sounds wrong...)

I.Luke: :D


Daniel: TIMES RUNNING OUT. need intern help *pushes Johnny in the room*

Johhny: *runs over to Cassie* DEAR GOD WOMAN. What on earth are Ты wearing?!

Bradley: *takes pins out of his mouth* ...clothes

Johnny: Its HORRIBLE

Cassie: *looks down at the clothes* I think its great.


Cassie: … arn’t Ты the chef? why are Ты here?

Marcus: :c I’m bored

Cassie: .. Okay...

Kitty: *walks over to Roxanne* How’s the drawing going?

Roxanne: Well. *shows her the picture* Whatchu think?

Kitty: O_O Its... p-pretty!

Roxanne: *smiles*

Roxanne: I could tell she hated it. I’m not stupid, but it will look better when its finished

Autumn: *hands Lily a mirror*

Lily: >.< I h-have to go out... l-like... this?!

Autumn: Yeah...

Billy: WOAH.

Lily: D:

Billy: Thats a LOT of make-up

Autumn: … :/ I don’t like doing this....

Cassie: OUCH

Bradley: >.< I’m sorry!

Cassie: Its okay! *rubs her thigh*
Bradley: … I was this far away *does the..finger thingy for L L far away* from poking her in the butt with a needle *slaps forehead*
Johnny: *grabes the needle from Bradley* WHAT ON EARTH ARE Ты DOING?

Bradley: Th-


Bradley: I--

Johnny: *pulls the material off Cassie*

Cassie: O-O

Bradley: …:U * quickly turns around*

Johnny:.. *slaps Bradley*

Bradley: e_e why’d Ты just... slap me?

Johnny: Why’d Ты turn around?! *starts putting materials up to Cassie*

Bradley: Why’d I turn around? WHY’D I TURN AROUND?! Why do Ты think?! T-T
Johnny: ...Why would a gay guy mind a girl in her underwear?..Doesn’t make sense to me --

Daniel: *walks in* WHAT THE FUCK. Interns arn't allowed in here!

Johnny: :U I’m almost done



Eddie: … Do Ты like my sexy hair? I’m not wearing any underwear. S MY D! POP IT OUT LIKE LIPSTICK!

Veto: *lifts up sketchpad* I FINISHED. NOW. TO ACTUALLY MAKE THIS!

Gabe: *looks over* Ты just finished now? We’re pretty much done of this outfit!

Veto: :L I wanted it to be perfect!

Eddie: Stop, drop, make it roll.Turn around, what the hell

Gabe: *throws material at Veto* Get to ...making

Veto: …. how...

Gabe: *points towards a sewing machine*

Veto: oh shit

Luke: Why oh shit?

Veto: *pokes the machine* e3e I aint touchin that

Gabe: Why not?

Veto: Last time I tried using one of these motherfuckers, I somehow sewed my ...pants... to the material

Luke: *laughs* seriously?

Veto: yeah.. then I got kicked out of the class... for sucking....

Eddie: DICK-- Dance with me and Ты will see, What a different place this world can be

Veto: Yeah that too. the teacher was like ‘’YOU CAN’T SUCK HIS DICK IN CLASS.’’ and im like ‘’fuck. fuck this. fuck all of you.’’ and she literally kicked me out.... *looks up at Valencia* oh hi :D

Maylene: *lifts up some material* HOW DOES THIS LOOK? …

Teddy: *pokes her stuffed animal* Its... attached to that!

Maylene: WHAT?!

Teddy: *picks up the bunny* or.. it was

Maylene: *picks up the arm of the bunny* D:

Teddy: … *shrugs and walks away*

Maylene: NOO!!


Johnny: NOW. Ты look fabulous

Cassie: *looks in a mirror* … O_O

Johnny: Fab.

Cassie: THE THEME IS HARAJUKU. Not... whatever this is!

Daniel: TIME OVER!

Boxxy: Models! Are Ты all r-r-REAAAAAAAADY?!

Everyone but Cassie: Yes

Cassie: NO! Johnny was no help!

Daniel: Aw. Boo.

Johnny: WELL. Last time I try to help *walks out*


Daniel: *walks in*

Eddie: DO Ты LIKE MY SEXY HAIR?... I’m seriously not wearing any underwear.

Daniel: …i'm hoping thats from a song

Eddie: IT IS but--

Daniel: Don’t... finish that...sentence.. TIME IS UP!

Boxxy: Models! Ready?

Lana: *pokes her face* I can’t feel my face...

Luke: ARE wearing a lot of make-up

Crindoela: I’m good to go, love!

Valencia: *walks out of the ...wherever the hell she got changed at* ..why does this remind me of Nicki Minaj? :P

Veto: *crosses his arms and nods* mmhhmm..

Eddie: :B Dats hot.

Veto: … *raises an eyebrow at Eddie*

Eddie:*coughs* I mean--

Veto: No,No, you’re right.

Veto: ...… boobs.... :D

Daniel: ...Okay... so.. you’re all good to go then?

Eddie: *looks around and gives thumbs up*

Maylene: No! We arnt! My bunny ripped! Dx *lifts up her ripped up stuffed bunny*

Daniel: Boo. I don’t care. Ты shouldnt even have that e_e

Maylene: But!--

Daniel: .and.... how old are you?

Maylene: I’m --

Eddie: Shes 14

Daniel: I didn't ask you... but ...arn't Ты a little old for ..that?

Veto: :L Danny! Don’t be so...

Daniel: Thats not how Ты pronounce that.. .EVERYONE FALLOW MEHHH! *leaves the room*

:U This episode is retarded
I know
part 2 will be soon enough...
i'm currently drawing the ...6... people in their outfits (is it 6 people?)

but I gotta redraw Kitty's outfit
(I drew her in the harajuku outfit ....CAUSE IM STUUUPIIIDDDD)
i'll start writing--I MEAN post-- the episode after I finish the pictures. :d

... I know I should be doing those requests and stuff... but I've been so busy and stressed and tired and a tad nervous (reportcards soon D:) recently.. yeah...
I never thought I'd ever say that I'm too busy...
but I'm in the middle of the Paige/Max icon...(I just gotta colour it/add a background) x3


HOW WELL DID I NAIL YOUR CHARACTER? oh I nailed them good. trust me :3
no seriously though, did I get your characters personality well?

*insert some random-ass thing here*
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