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Which total drama character are you?(For girls)

Тест made by me.

Who are Ты most like?Gwen,Courtney, Heather, Izzy,Sierra..?

Find out!

NOTE:This is only for girls,i may make a Тест for boys some other time.

1.What is the color of your hair?

a)Light brown
b)Dark brown
f)Like my BFF's!!
j)The color of my hair doesn't matter as long as i have my dear..
k)I'm a blonde

2.People say you're..

a)A bit*h
b)Why the hell would i care what people say about me?
c)A manipulative bit*h
f)A best friend 4 ever!
h)Someone was tallking bad about me??!
i)I think they say i'm smart..but not that good looking.
j) Fanatic
k)Not the sharpest tool in the shack..whatever that means

3.What kind of a guy is your tipe?

a)A guy who is perfect..and even if he's not,i will make him perfect.
b)Hm..let me think girl.
c)Someone with brains who is also good looking
d)Someone who has a great personality,loves animals,cares about the nature and has.. muscles.
f)I don't need a guy,my best friend is all i need.
g)Umm..smart and funny i guess.
h)I don't need a guy in my life!
i)Oh,i already have a boyfriend
j)Someone like Cody!!
k)Someone hot

4.What is your worst fear?
a)I'm not afraid of anything
b) Spiders
c) Sumo wrestlers
d) Being alone in the woods
e) Being on a plane
f) Bad haircuts
g) Being buried alive
i) Being covered in bugs
j)That someone will steal my Любовь from me
k) Walking through a mine field in high heels..or a really bad haircut

5.How are you?

a)Good..but i would be better if SOMEONE would stop asking such dumb questions
b)Oh,i'm fine-you?
c)*rols eyes*
f)OMG is great,thanks!
g)I'm good i guess..
h)You better get on with the Тест или els!
i)You really care how am i..?Well..not the best really,you see bla bla bla
j)I'm G-R-E-A-T!
k)Um..can Ты repeat the question?

6.End of the quiz..anything Ты would like to say?

b)That's cool
d)Yey, can't wait to see the results!*slips *Ups!
f)Yes,it was fun!
g)Not really..
h)This is your last warning!
i)Well yes,i liked your quiz,will Ты do more?
k)What quiz?

7.You think Ты are most like..

a)Courtney duuh
b) Leshawna's in the house!
c)Heather of course
d)I think kinda like Bridgette
f)OMG!Katie или Sadie!!
g)I thought the Тест was over.
h)Grrrrr..!!*pounches me in the face*
i)I think i'm a lot like Beth
j)Sierra!OMG i Любовь her,i did some resource and found out that.. bla bla
k)I think i'm kinda like Paris Hilton..people say we share the same brain.


Most awnsers..

A –You are..Courtney!

Ты are a born leader,determent and ambitious however Ты should learn how to work with others and don't critisize that much.

B - Ты are.. Leshawna!

Ты are friendly and outgoing,you always say what's on your mind and others eather respect that или get mad cause they didn't want to hear the truth,you really are a great person just bite your tounge once in a while and Ты will come far.

C - Ты are..Heather!

Ты are mean, manipulative and selfish..but that's not always a bad thing!You know how to protect yourself in this cruel world full of lies,hypocrites.You should still work on your social skills a bit though-you don't want to end up alone do you?

D - Ты are.. Bridgette!

Ты are nice and understanding,you care about the nature and Любовь Животные however Ты are a bit of a cluts!..doesn't matter though,everyone loves Ты the way Ты are.

E - Ты are..Izzy!

Ты are crazy..nothing еще to say..get off my head!

F - Ты are..Katie или Sadie!

Ты have a really close best friend and she means everything to you,you two do everything together and hate being away from each other.

G - Ты are..Gwen!

Ты are dark and deep,you are еще of a loner and don't tend to get much excited about anything however Ты are a good person and your Друзья are lucky to know you.

H - Ты are..Eva!

Ты are ill tempered and aggressive..sorry!Don't hurt me!!

I –You are..Beth!

Ты have the brains now Ты just have to work on your looks.

j - Ты are..Sierra!

Ты are an obsessive person who knows thinks that others find really disturbing..if Ты think you're in love,it's probably not really love-you're obsessed with that person..yeah,i'm sure.

k - Ты are..Lindsay!

Ты are dumb..It spells d-u-m-b,yes-DUMB..did Ты get it when i сказал(-а) it the 3d time?No..well,i'm saying you're stupid.

I hope Ты liked the quiz,please Комментарий what your result is!

Thank Ты :D
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Author's Note: I've decided to make the challenges different too. Who's going to get eliminated? Find out!

The thirteen new contestants we're all standing in a group now, and Chris was in front of them.

"Welcome to Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Ты guys all are gonna compete. Against each other," he smiled. "But first, Ты must make teams. Everyone, partner up."

Mike immediately ran to Zoey. She didn't protest. Scott looked around and grinned. "I choose Dawn. She will be a perfect partner." Dawn shrugged.

"Okay," she walked to Scott.

Scott's Confessional:

Dawn seems like she can get to know...
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 Heather is the actual winner of TDWT.
Heather is the actual winner of TDWT.
1. She is the series' first Female Winner whose ending was seen on Cartoon Network.

2. She is the only season winner who did not return after being previously eliminated, Owen won TDI and returned after his first elimination in TDA; and Duncan won TDA, and returned after his first elimination in TDWT.

3. She is also the only season winner who won using her own strategy. She manipulated Alejandro, and won TDWT.

4. She is the highest ranking contestant in the first generation episodes (2007-2010), competing in 66 episodes.

5. She is the only contestant (other than Owen), as well as female, to make it to the Final Three еще than twice. She is also the only antagonist to make it to the Final Four еще than once.

6. She is also the only contestant, aside from Owen, to make it to the Final 10, three seasons in a row without returning.
 This is also real.
This is also real.
posted by Animetama
I woke up. The room looked tired and gloomy from the three days of staying here. And I for one was wide awake! Although I'm not a morning person, I sure did wake up early. 5 am huh? Not bad...

It was still pretty early, and I decided to just get up and change, cause today Chris would be waking us up early. I digged down into my suit case trying to be as quiet as possible, looking for some fresh clothes.

After completing my task, I decided to go to the bathroom. So I went outside and tried not to wake up anyone else. I was still a bit tired, but if I go back to sleep now, it'll be hard to wake...
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Here's the updated version of what I think all of the TDI character's theme songs are. Some people have two, though, because I couldn't decide which one was better.

Ezekiel: Главная by Daughtry -or- Canadian Idiot by Weird Al Yankovich

Eva: Everybody Down by Nonpoint

Noah: Vicarious by Tool (I think it could be about his slightly sadistic qualities)

Justin: Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

Katie and Sadie: True Friend by Hannah Montana

Tyler: Radio by Jim Johnston

Izzy: Psycho by Puddle of Mudd

Cody: Sombody for Me by Nikelback

Beth: Hazard to Myself (Don't Let...
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Ezekiel: The square root of 837 multipied by 32 is equal to 89.
Eva: Lets get a makeover. EEEEEEEeee.
Noah: I Любовь Ты Ты Любовь me laddee da da da da di.
Justin: I Любовь MATHS.
Katie: I hate Sadie, I'm gonna go kill Justin Beiber.
Tyler: 3 large pizzas, 2 large fries and a Шоколад shake please.
Izzy: I'm gonna meditate.
Cody: Gwen is icky.
Beth: I'm gonna cut myself.
Sadie: I hate Katie, I'm gonna go kill Taylor Lautner.
Courtney: Give me a ciggie.
Trent: Nine is the worst number in the world.
Bridgette: Lets kill a dolphin.
Lindsay: I enjoy the studies of mathematics,art and english.
DJ: I'm gonna kill my pet bunny.
Geoff: There is not need to party lets study.
LeShawna: No way, i'll get my hair wet.
Duncan: Juvie is a place for bad kids, I am good.
Heather: I сердце my BFF's.
Gwen: Okay our sleepover Список says to plat eachothers hair, paint each others nails and have a подушка fight.
Owen: Just a salad.