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Courtneyfan214 posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 01:11AM
I got bored (like always)
Don't ask just join.

Jenny: *looks in her locker* *sigh* another lame day at school *sigh*

Veronica: aww, come on jenny! it's a beautiful day! *smiles*

Jenny: *narrows eyes at veronica*

Veronica: *nervous look* ok?
 I got bored (like always) Don't ask just join. Jenny: *looks in her locker* *sigh* another lame день

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Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *sighs* ofcourse guys don't understand girls completly but do girls understand guys completly? do you have any idea how i felt when i found out that you were jesse?
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: *looks sad* l-look, i don't have time to.....*tears in her eyes and she quickly runs off*

*there's a note next to gio*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: no wait! *follows her*

gio: *picks it up and reads it*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: *keeps running*

*it's from anna and it says: "merry christmas!" and it has a drawing picture of her, jamie and gio*

Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *uses his vampire speed to catch up with her and grabs her wrist* hold up for a minute.

gio: *smiles sadly* merry christmas to you to, sweetheart.......i miss you two....

Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: *frowns* what do you want?!

Anna: *sitting in her room*

Sabrina: *eats the cake*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: i want to talk.

gio: *sighs*

gideon: *smiles*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: I don't want to talk.

Anna: i miss daddy.

Sabrina: *smiles, she has chocolate in her teeth*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *sighs* okay.....

gio: *lays down on the couch*

gideon: *snickers a little bit*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: *walks to her house*

Jamie: *sighs* i know you do, but...me and your father are.....having a tough time right now.

Sabrina: *blushes*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *sits back down in his garden*

gio: *closes his eyes*

gideon: ready to go?
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: *sitting in her own garden*

Anna: *looks down*

Sabrina: *nods*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *picks up a rose and sighs*

gio: i can't take this anymore *walks out of the house towards jamie's house*

gideon: *stands up and they walk back to the car*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
~suddenly charlie get kidnapped~

Jamie: *hugs anna*

Sabrina: *follows*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *feels that something is wrong and closes his eyes, trying to see where charlie is*

gio: *knocks on the door*

gideon: *gets in*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: Help! someone help me! *she's in a place somewhere dark*

Anna: *opens the door*

Sabrina: *gets in*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *his eyes widen and he teleports himself to where charlie is*

gio: hey, sweetheart.

gideon: *drives off*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: *sees donovan*

Anna: dad! *hugs him*

Sabrina: so....
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *motions to her to be quiet*

gio: *hugs back*

gideon: we're almost there.
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: *looks away from him*

Anna: I love you!

Sabrina: to where?
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *holds her hand and teleports them away*

gio; i love you to! *hugs her tighter*

gideon; you'll see
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
~donovan has a charlie doll in his arms and then it explodes holy water~

Anna: *licks his face*

Sabrina: *shaking* o-okay.
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *scream in pain and falls down on the ground, steam in coming from the places where the holy water burned him and he's still screaming*

gio: *one tear escapes his eye*

gideon: don't worry, it's somewhere fun.
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Charlie: let me go!

Josh: why should I?

Anna: *licks his tear* why you crying?

Sabrina: *gasp and she's shaking hard and she trying to open the door but it's locked* SOMEONE HELP ME! *hits on the window*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *his eyes turn red and he's furious. his voice sounds darker* someone is going to pay. *he teleports back to where charlie is*

gio; because i miss you.

gideon; *puts the car to the side of the road and grabs sabrina's hands* stop doing that, you'll break the glass and hurt yourself!
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *turns around and sees donovan* well, well, well. if it isn't damen.

Anna: so did I.

Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: not damen. his brother, donovan. you may have heard of me *two long blades apear in his hands* the assasin.

gio: *kisses her cheek* thank you for the drawings.

gideon; where do you think i'm taking you to?!
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: I'm not afraid of you.

Anna: your welcome.

Sabrina: to your house! you men always do that to me! 4 TIMES ALREADY!!!
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan; you should.

gio: i love you.

gideon: oh sabrina *hugs her* i wasn't taking you to my house. i knew a place where you can ice skate and wanted to take you there.
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *evil laughs* oh really?

Anna: mommy's upstairs.

Sabrina: *looks sad with tears on her eyes* i'm s-sorry.
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: yes. *he doesn't even move and suddenly a knife is trown at josh and hits him in his chest*

gio: *puts her down* thanks kiddo *walks upstairs*

gideon; it's okay.
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: wow. *removes the knife from his chest*

Jamie: *in her room*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *he doesn't move*

gio: *knocks on her door*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: my turn. *pull out a knife and throws it at donovan's chest. the knife contains holy water*

Jamie: come in.
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *his eyes widen and jumps away but it still hits his arm. groans in pain* alright, now you're dead *runs to him with his vampire speed and tackles him down. he bites him in his neck and rips a piece of his neck off*

gio: *he walks in* hey jamie.
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *it grows back and heals*

Jamie: what are you doing here?
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *grabs his head and crushes his head on the floor hard*

gio: i can't stand being away from you this long....
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *kicks him off of him and josh heals quickly*

Jamie: like a dog with it's master
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *glares* what are you?

gio: no, like a wolf who loves his mate.
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: someone not to be messed with. *his eyes glow red*

Jamie: mines made more sense.
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: that mean we are equally matched, i guess.

gio: *sighs* jamie *puts a hand on her cheek* please come back.
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: hmmmm, maybe.

Jamie: i...i...
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: let's test that. *he attacks him*

gio: *sighs and looks away* fine. *walks out of the room*
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Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *attacks back*

Jamie: *crosses her arms*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *hits him in his chest*

*a small package is laying on her bed*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *dodges*

Jamie: *opens it*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *get's even more angrey and kicks him in his stomach*

*it's a golden necklace with the thing in the picture as it's pendant, when you turn it around this is carved into it with curly letters: "this heart is for the most beautifull woman in the world and i'm lucky that you, my love, chose me to be your mate. i'll be yours forever if you let me ~ giovanni"*
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 donovan: *get's even еще angrey and kicks him in his stomach* *it's a golden ожерелье with the th
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *kicks him through 5 walls*

Jamie: *looks down*
Больше года casacada1007 said…
donovan: *trows a blade at him and hits him in his shoulder*

gio: *walking home*
Больше года Courtneyfan214 said…
Josh: *removes the blade*

Jamie: *howls. gio hears her*