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 courtney pushes harold
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courtney-i cant see you
duncan-what do Ты mean i am rite in front of Ты ?
courtney-i have gone blinde
chris-ok that is a rap lets go eat the we will get back to total drama the play!
duncan-but we were geting to the good part
courtney-*reading the skriped* i see why u wanted to go on it says we Kiss
courtney-well u better put a mint in your mouth cuz chief is giving us somthing nasty
duncan-lets practis are skriped were it says we Kiss ok i am ready *closes eyes and puckers up*
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Here is part 2 :)
total drama revenge of the island
Hello, this is my first time making a review series. In this series I'll be reviewing my thoughts on certain characters. I'll consider requests any time.Today I will cover one of the most entertaining character I've came across. I have some strong opinions about her. By the way spoilers alert. For people who don't know where the character is from Ты can decide if Ты are interested in hearing others thoughts before getting interested или Ты can go back and watch the movie/series before reading.I am going to tell Ты my grading on personality,development, and в общем и целом, общая what I thought of the character....
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Hope Ты like my last one. Cause I'm making another. Here's the Далее вверх 5.

5. Chef
He can be a strong and Любовь able character if Ты pay attention.He told Ты on tda that he was a lot like Dj when he was his age.And that was interesting to me.

4. Dawn
She is often betray as the one of the nicest ones in the game.She's very mysterious in her own way.And how care she's really make her all that likable.

3. Chris
Let's face it he's totally evil. Who knows how many interns he killed.And oh yeah we saaw hhiiim in jail once.He useally plays off most of the humor along with Courtney being played...
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Courtney has Остаться в живых control after Duncan and Gwen kissed. Trent tries to console her, but she keeps crying. Mother- Courtney Father- Trent
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