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Erica's POV
After Chris announced that we were going to be in Total Drama Island 2, we all began getting on the boat. I began to climb onto the лодка when this tall dark skined boy came up behind. Senorita, let me help you, he сказал(-а) as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Um...thanks, I said. Ты are very welcome bonita senorita, I'm Alejandro, he said. Yeah, that's nice for you, I сказал(-а) as I walked away. I don't know why but that guy gave me the creeps. Эй, Erica over here, yelled Sierra. She was waving for me to come over there and stand with her. So, I walked over to her and stood at the side...
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Last Time on Total Drama High:
Everyone arrived at the auditorium & saw each other for the first time in two years. Harold got taller,buffer, & handsomer. So his reunition with old bully Duncan didn't come out as Duncan had planned. Chris came back & сказал(-а) that once еще they would be recorded like old times. Even though it's been two years. Why are they here? What will happen? Will there be the same drama as always? Read on this issue of TOTAL DRAMA HIGH!!!

Chris stared out to the audience of the 22 old 16 год old campers now the new young 18 год old students. "So now Ты all know...
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Before Ты read please understand this was 100% random. How did I do it? I wrote all the TDI guys and used this link link to randomize it. I assure you, if I get complaints или acusions I will NEVER do a Фан story like this.

Also because I was so short on guys/lesbians I will do two versions. 1 of the Фаны that will be Опубликовано here, and another that will be Опубликовано on fanfiction.net.

That is all.

Thank you. The first person will be up ASAP.
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