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 TDI Wereanimals
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Owen is a werebear
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This Остров отчаянных героев Фан-арт might contain съедобный банан, банан райский sapientum, муса paradisiaca sapientum, съедобных бананов, and банан.

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I must warn Ты sensitive readers out their.. This chapter contains a very well described birth scene..so if Ты don't like that part..don't read!! And don't judge me if Ты don't like it!!
-The birth-

  A burning pain up Ally's spine again as she collapsed on the ground. She tried getting back up, but the pain she felt was too strong to let her stand.  
      "Mike! Mike!" She called. "Help me!"
      Coincidentely Mike had came out from the кухня after helping Cameron get еще ingredients for dessert. He immediately saw Ally on the ground and dropped a bowl full of whipped...
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Duncan:Good morning, Babe!
Courtney:Good morning, Dunky!How are you?
Duncan:I wanna ask Ты again:Do Ты want to go out with me?
Courtney:Yes!Can I say at the girls?
Duncan:Yes, babe!*kisses Courtney*

At the girl's room...
Courtney:Girls, girls!I have to tell Ты something!
All the girls:What?
Courtney:I'll go out with Duncan!
Gwen:Wow!*envy* And I don't had a дата with Trent!
Courtney:Maybe Ты will have a дата with Trent another day!
Gwen:I think...
Courtney:I go at Duncan to see at what the hour!

At the living-room...
Duncan:What happened, babe?
Courtney:At what the час is the date?
Duncan:At 19:00 we've...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! France. the Birth place of Tennis. Here our conpetiters Played a game of Chach, a game of tennis, and a good old smell of Owen's Butt! At the end it was good old Trent who left. Leaving Natalie cry to deth. who will leave on this tasty episode of total drama around the world?

*Theam song*

*non-First class*

*Katie is crying*
*You can hear Natalie crying from the confessional*
Harold: agggggggg.......... first Katie and now Natalie???? How bad can this get?
Gabriella: how much water can Katie hold?
Wally: I don't know but If she crys much longer she...
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