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 Michael бухта, залив is directing his fourth Трансформеры film.
Michael Bay is directing his fourth Transformers film.
Di Bonaventura Pictures and DreamWorks SKG in association with Hasbro are set to begin production on the Paramount Pictures science fiction action film "Transformers 4". Casting directors are auditioning actors in Los Angeles, as well as Austin, TX where filming will take place beginning late May, 2013. The extras will be cast throughout filming. Additional shooting will take place in various locations including China. This project is currently being referred to as "Untitled Трансформеры Sequel," and will the first feature film to be shot using smaller digital IMAX 3D cameras.

Starring in "Transformers...
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posted by Darkrai23
Autobots, Decepticons. Most of the old cast are dead, but there is hope on the horizon, for new bots are here! Here is a guide of them.


These three Autobots are sisters, and all transform into motorcycles, (pink, blue, and purple respectivley) and are very fast. Not much is know about them.

He is a master of most cybertronian martial arts, and is armed with two cybertoniam swords. He has the abitily to кататься на коньках on his wheels. He is kind of narrcisistic. Hetransforms into a Corvette.

These two are twins and both extremeley UGLY! Skids...
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