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posted by Rainflowers
I'm really, really starting to get ticked off at alot of people because they keep dissing the kids!
Raf- People say he's a know it all, but he's not really. And even if he is people should relize that Raf really helps alot! He found the Decepticons base. He can hack and he's only twelve! So people who think he's a know it all think about this. The AutoBouts weren't born on Earth and he most likely knows a lot еще about human technology then the AutoBouts (even Ratchet)
Miko- Okay, so she's a trouble maker, so what? With out her the Показать would be boring, plus as shown in episode 19, she's really loyal to Bulkhead.
Jack - Havent really heard any that bad about Jack except for "he's useless" not really useless he helps out by keeping the other two in line. Thik about that.
If Ты don't dis the kids then this isnt directed at you. I'm just s tried of people trash talking the kids. Just leave them alone.