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 Decepticon Thrust
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Something Stan куст, буш wrote for BotCon 1997, recently featured in the War For Cybertron video game.
stan куст, буш
the eighties
+ Angry Guard Dog: Underbite resembles some manner of hyper-stylized mecha-bulldog.

+ The Big Bad Wolf: Steeljaw, who has a lupine-like appearance.

+ Frogs and Toads: Springload, a Decepticon with frog-like features.

+ Giant Enemy Crab: Bisk, a Decepticon with a distinctly crustacean look, including eye stalks and snapping claws. Clampdown, on the other hand, is еще of a literal example, lacking Bisk's humanoid shape and looking like a straight-up robot crab.

+ Giant Flyer: Filch, a giant mechanical bird Decepticon that is strong enough to lift an RV and two Autobots.

+ Giant Spider: Chop Shop,...
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Optimus Prime: Peter Cullen
Bumblebee: Will Friedle
Strongarm: Constance Zimmer
Sideswipe: Darren Criss
Fixit: Mitchell Whitfield
Grimlock: Khary Payton
Jazz: Arif S Kinchen
Drift: Eric Bauza
Jetstorm & Slipstream: Roger Craig Smith

Underbite: Liam O'Brien
Steeljaw: Troy Baker
Hammerstrike: David Kaye
Bisk: Khary Payton
Chop Shop: David Hunt
Terrashock: Kevin Michael Richardson
Thunderhoof: Frank Stallone
Filch: Constance Zimmer
Springload: John Steven Rocha
Ped: Eddie Deezen
Quillfire: Andy Milder
Fracture: Kevin Pollack
Airazor: Roger Craig Smith
Divebomb: Khary Payton
Clampdown: Jim Cummings

Denny Clay: Ted McGinley
Russell Clay: Stuart Allan
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Hot Shot (Cyberverse Prime Bumblebee repaint)
Chromia (Cyberverse Prime Arcee repaint)
Elita-1 (Cyberverse Prime Arcee repaint)
Salvage (Cyberverse Prime Wheeljack repaint)
Camshaft (Legends ROTF Jolt repaint)
Grindcore (Legends ROTF Sideswipe repaint)
Jetfire (Cyberverse Prime Skyquake repaint)
Strafe (Cyberverse Prime Soundwave repaint)
Scattershot (Cyberverse DOTM Flak repaint)
Lightspeed (Legends Movie Jazz repaint)
Nosecone (Cyberverse DOTM Guzzle repaint)
Afterburner (Cyberverse DOTM Evac repaint)
Red Alert (Cyberverse Prime Prowl repaint)
Pipes (Cyberverse DOTM Mudflap repaint)
Huffer (Cyberverse...
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Theory #1: Nemesis Prime

It's been years after Optimus Prime left Earth to find his creators. Ever since, Rodimus Prime, Optimus Prime's son, is leading the Autobots.

However, Optimus Prime quickly finds the Creators. They kidnap Optimus Prime and create a clone of Optimus Prime to destroy Earth.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Rodimus Prime and the Autobots battle Galvatron and a new group of Decepticons when Nemesis Prime, under the guise of Optimus Prime, joins the battle and saves Rodimus Prime.

Rodimus Prime and the other Autobots rejoice that "Optimus Prime" has returned. However, the humans start...
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