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posted by Flana_2
 "Warm..... Radiating.... Beautiful"
"Warm..... Radiating.... Beautiful"
Kevin: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they traveled through the computer. What did the look like? Ships, motorcycles. With the circuits like freeways.

Sam: What am I suppose to do?
Gem: Survive

Sam: What is she doing?!?
Kevin: Removing herself from the equation

Sam: An Iso?
Kevin: The last Iso.
Sam: Wow
Kevin: She's the mericle man

Young Sam: Can we play doubles? On the same Team?
Younger Kevin: Were always on the same Team

*****Later In Movie*****
Sam: Were always on the same team! Remember?!
Kevin: I was afraid youd say that

Sam: Man your not ganna make...
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1. Poke Castor with his own cane.
2. Everytime Ты see CLU, pretend your in Blue's Clues and say "A CLU! A CLU!"
3. Run towards Castor, hug him and say "I Любовь you, David Bowie!"
4. Everytime Ты see Jarvis yell "BALDY!!"
5. Tell a program to crack their knuckles until their fingers derezz.
6. Poke Болталка programs with Castor's cane at End of Line and say "ELLO GUVNA!"
7. When Ты see Quorra, yell "Jules Verne!" and point.
8. When Ты see Kevin, hug him and say "Jesus!"
9. Call out to Rinzler "Here, kitty kitty!"
10. When you're handed a light cycle baton, yell "Lightsaber!"
11. When Alan Bradley shows...
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posted by Mel4ever
[from the trailer]
Quorra: Your father was the creator.
Sam Flynn: Where do I find him?
Quorra: Make it there alive. And he'll find you.

Quorra: [Quorra is Показ Sam the book collection] Just between Ты and me, Jules Verne is my favorite. Do Ты know Jules Verne?
Sam Flynn: Sure.
Quorra: What's he like?

[last line]
Quorra: What's Далее Sam?
Sam Flynn: Guess we're suppose to change the world.
Sam Flynn: Come on, I want to Показать Ты something.
[boards motorcycle]

Quorra: [talking to Sam, in Flynn's guest room at his safehouse] There's someone I once knew. A program named Zeus, who fought alongside the ISOs....
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posted by Flana_2
"How did Ты find him?" Sam asked. Quorra stood up to walk away, hestiating on telling him of her secretive past.
"Its Okay" He then said, "I know." She turned to face him, then sat back down at his side to begin her story.
"It was during the perge. Clu was relentlece. Black quards were exicuting Iso's in the streets. Everyone I knew, disapeared. Then they came for me.. So I ran. Some less sympothetic programs muggled me out of the city, and soon they had me surrounded. I prepared for the end.... Then just as everything was going dark.. I felt a hand on my shoudler. And when I opend my eyes.. Standing above me.. Was the cretor.
Your father. He saved me." She turned over him, smiling at the Son of her savior, then turned back to face the sky. He looked back over to the his dad who was meditating или 'Knocking on the sky' as Kevin liked to call it.
"I quess Ты could say I was a rescue".
Sam grined.
posted by HarryPotter186
"DAD!DAD!" I fell to my knees in anger and dad left me. I closed my eyes. The Далее time I opened them i was on a Стена in one of clu's prison dad my own dad left me here no sorry no nothing. "ahhhh!" " shut up!" clu had just walked in " u really think he loved u?" with my Mexican accent "I know he does he created me and with my skills I will destroy!" "ha ha ha" clu now up in my face " u think can destroy me a thousand to one" "I was born to be skilled better then tron" I spit in clu's face "oh u asked for it" Далее thing I knew I was knocked out cold. I thought to my self...
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posted by HarryPotter186
I am Ryder Flynn brother of Sam Flynn and son of the creator. I was built to be the first iso but I was also created to be the creators son. So I created the rest of the isos to impress my father but clu took over and killed them all and my father left me to stay and be killed by clu. Here's my story the way I saved the grid. I also have a message to all isos if ur out there send me a message.(pls enjoy this im not that good but it will be chapter by chapter sneak peek) i was left her to be tortured my father my own father so now I'm her locked in one of clus prison cells i have to get out of here I thought to my self I had to find еще isos I needed help to destroy clu and all of his creation make the grid my way
He glared at me with his hypnotic blue eyes, his brown hair swpet back over his head and golden beam of light that gave his suit its character. I jumped down from the rock and stepped away slowly, eyeing him with my disk held to my own neck.

"Miss me?" He chuckled and fallowed me as I walked backwards. The black guards that accompained him stood there ground with there tall sword like weapons implanted in the ground, there eyes watching me closley through the thickness of there mask.

"Definetly not." I replyed with a sting in my voice. He laughed and kept walking toward me, taking his disk...
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Some say that extrodinary things happen to those with a true heart...Me? I didn't belive in a such a thing.. That is, Intill I met Kevin Flynn

Those past few weeks were troubled times for me, as I roamed the grid empty handed, not a soul on my side.
The Perge had left a gash in my memory I just knew I couldn't recover from. Everyone... Everything I knew.. All gone.
Waves of chills coverd my body as I looked at the soaked ground and my feet that slid acrossed it.
My friends, My Family.. all exicuted. I was the only one left. I couldn't help it at times, but all I though of at time was of Clu....
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posted by shannawe
As I stand there and thinking what I hate me I’m saying to myself this is not a date. I stand there and hear she a hole, she a bench. Then I started to cry. This women inside me cannot stand there and let them call me lame and names. We need to know that when Ты dis others it become to a revenge!! Yes revenge. Ты should know that the people Ты talk about them Ты don’t know what they bring. They might bring guns, knife, или a piece of string. We need to treat other people respect how Ты want them to respect you. We need Показать Mr.johnson we can stop the rumors and drama. Most of Ты don’t...
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