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Note: This chapters from Quin's point of view. Also, LadyEmzy16 came up with the Название Tales of a Group of Outcasts, so she gets full credit for that!

Also, even if Ты don't like it, please Комментарий why Ты don't like it so I can make it better.

I walked into the bathroom and sank to the floor Далее to one of the sinks. I stared at the ceiling.
    I was starting to doubt I was ever going to get a boyfriend, или even kiss. I mean, Zoë had her first Kiss in fourth grade, and I’m fifteen!
    Of course, that’s Zoë....
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Chapter 4: My Stuff is Off-Limits So Hands Off

      James Rivers flipped over boxes searching for that one book. This book shouldn't have been this difficult to find. How could it disappear? No one knows about it but his wife and him. He knew his wife didnt want to gi near it lr the attic. He was positive Simone или Brooke didn't come near the attic in the past week. They didn't know that he was alway watching their every move. A concerned parent was how he thought of himself. He was sure they would never do such a thing even when he told them about the attic. He surveyed the entire room....
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