This is the people who played my roles for me. This is my thanks for everyone tuning into Daredevil's Vs. Murderer's and I hope Ты tune into remember me, which I'm still working on. Writer's block is such an ugly disease, but I'm getting it done. P.S I didn't have a visual picture fro some characters, please Комментарий what Ты think. I've seen people on Wattpad do this, and I wanted to try, but I do not have a wattpad account, I just visit and read some of their stories, interesting, and good, Ты guys should visit.
Hope Ты enjoy! :)
Zyanna (Britt Robertson)
Azerien (Zach Roerig)
America (Alexia Fast)
Xavier (Alex Sawyer)
Cali (Nathalia Ramos)
Cory (Steven R. Mqueen)
Corrie (Nina Dobrev)
Donnie (Burkely Duffield)
Lara (Ana Mulvoy Ten)
Gregori (Atticus Mitchell)
Bellaire (Candice Accola)