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posted by Problematic129
*Sorry for the wait, writer's block showed it's ugly head. Thanks for all the Комментарии :) Please don't copy and please read and review*
Chapter 3
    A strange vision
    “Was he hot?” My best friend Jessica asked. I groaned, of course that would be the first thing she asked.
    After that introduction, I drove straight to Jessica’s house, knowing she would rebel and not go to school, because she сказал(-а) and I quote ‘Monday doesn’t count as a school день in my book’. Ever since the first день of eighth grade, she hasn’t attended school on Monday, the best part, no one Вопросы this.
    “That’s not the point, Jess.” I tell her. “He…I don’t know, it was like he knew something.”
    Jess nodded. “Hot guys always look like they know something.”
    I laughed, I took my подушка and threw it at her. “You suck.”
    Jess dodged the pillow, “what did they call Ты in for.”
    “They told us Dorothy was hit by a bat, and then drowned. Dad got so angry, and he’s never showed a slip of emotion until now.”
    “And that boy…Cadence, just happened to notice your special amulet on the floor,” Jess’s eyebrows scrunched.
    If I haven’t сказал(-а) it before, I tell Jess everything. So she knows why my amulet is so special, and that it might just be the number one reason I’m having these recurring dreams of my sister.
    “I don’t know what to think,” I confess, burying my face in her pillow.
    “Me neither,” Jess says. “But right now, let’s get Ты cheered up.”
    Jess gets up from her bed, and makes a peace and farewell sign, probably to go to the кухня and stack up on my Избранное foods. I smile to myself, pleased to have such a great friend.
    I hear this weird sound, it’s faint but gains momentum in seconds. At first I can’t tell what it is, but then I realize it’s something about a vision. The Далее thing I know, when I blink, I’m in some sort of store. I hear a familiar voice and my сердце freezes.
    “Thanks, take care,” she says while flashing her dazzling smile to the stunned cashier. She turns on her heel and heads to the exit, I follow closely.
    She’s holding this grocery bag, I can’t tell what’s in it, it could be big, it could be small.
    She stops at this boat, it’s quite big, she enters it with ease and confidence, Показ that she’s done this before. She calls out a name, but when she says it, it sounds all disoriented, as if she was in water.
    As soon as I think of those words, I’m thrown into the blue devil. I can’t swim up, I can’t breathe, and my life is flashing before my very own eyes. I look up and see this dark shadow, silently watching me.
    My eyes pop open and I gasp for air, thinking of my vision, it was weird. First of all, there was a weight chained to my sister, and секунда of all the water wasn’t that deep when she drowned, it was a lake, and that vision felt like an ocean.
    Lastly, it was one of the first visions I’ve had in a long time, where I was put into a person’s mind, feeling what they were feeling, thinking what they were thinking.
    I shivered at the Далее thought, what if that vision of drowning wasn’t of my sister, but of someone else. And whoever that shadow was, probably killed my sister to.
    I took in deep breaths, thinking of Cadence and his mysterious aura. ‘I know’, he had said. Then I think of that police man years ago, when I asked him to borrow some police files, или newspapers of murders, trying to match some.
    If that was another person drowning, then I might be close enough.
    And I just might need help.
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and Фэнтези :)~
Chapter 39
        Justice is served
    The police came and we spilled out everything that happened, they were bewildered but they kept up. The whole group of the drowning man was arrested, not only for the murder of Dorothy Loreans, but for еще worse crimes too. Jessica and Meredith, as I predicted, were the only ones that had a nice crime report, and from the visions of what I saw with Meredith’s crimes, I’m a bit scared to learn the others.
    Since mom was safely...
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The Далее день Katie told them all to meet her on Moori Mountain. She didn't say why, she just сказал(-а) it was important. When they were all there they asked Katie what it was about.She began, "Well, yeterday... I uuh was told... that... *sniff* ... After a test... uuh... *sniff* ... Kyle won't make it... Atleast thats what the test said." There was silence while everyone tried to think about what they were just told. "When did Ты find out?" asked James
"Yesterday, I was too upset to talk about it, he's like my brother to, Ты know." Katie replied. Katie had been their friend since kindergarten,...
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еще weeks past. Then months. As Autumn neared Katie was called in to speak to the head nurse.
"Yes?" she asked
"Katie, this is hard for me to say. But Ты have the right to know, we haven't told the others, we were hoping Ты would."
"Would tell them what?" Katie asked, sje already knew, but she needed to be sure.
"We have just finished a test, to see if... Kyle would... make it."
"and...?" Katie asked.
"The test showed that he... won't make it." The head nurse, Lailey, didn't dare look at Katie.
"When?" she asked, trying not to burst to tears.
"If the test was correct, it is estimated by Autumn."...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, Фэнтези
    Never, in the fifteen years that I’ve grown up in this town, did something strange and unexplained like this ever happen.
    All over the news were photo’s of us displayed on there, saying that we were found, and that a freak accident occurred but now were fine.
    But that wasn’t a freak accident?
    It felt too real and purposeful to be random, it was literally one half a секунда when the storm came and changed the sunny outside. I’d never been so scared in my life,...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 17
    High school, the worse kind
    I was so angry that we had to go school the Далее Monday morning, that I even considered skipping. Now, it’s got nothing to do with Ryler, okay maybe a little. But also due to the fact that I have to face Meredith and Cal, yeah, I may have an infatuation. But it still hurts to see Cal with her.
    It’s hard to break a crush you’ve had for a while, but I can work something. But now I’m angry because I could spend the whole день with Ryler, who was Adam...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and Фэнтези :)~
Chapter 29
    Who and what is it?
    Practically everyone in the room was leaving, the police had left already, to Поиск the other places Dorothy’s been, hoping to find some evidence.
    Dad had stormed out when we were released and mom, Jess, and I were just leaving when a group of girl’s blocked my way, leaded by a lucid looking Meredith.
    “Your in our way.” Jess said, levelly. “Better get out of it.”
    “I’m not here for you,”...
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posted by Dhampires
I'm cheerful on the outside yes, but under this huge hyperfilled, cheerful girl is a fragile antique.

On the outside some see me as normal или energetic maybe the one яблоко with a hole in the barrel.

I'll plaster a smile every now and then to Показать the me-the fake me- to disguise the actual one pulling the strings.

As I stand before the mirror starring at myself I see that figure looming behind me his hand on my shoulder.

And at that moment my mask breaks and I'm stunned at my actual self.

I'm filled with depression, sadness, anger and haterid.

Never did I want to ever see the true me.

The mirror breaks and the man Далее to me whispers "Your mine." I look down in defeat.

Dropping to the ground-on my knees-I begin to cry.

He got the better of me and now I am no more.

"I'm a monster." I say to myself through a sob.
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