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posted by Problematic129
*Sorry for the wait, writer's block showed it's ugly head. Thanks for all the Комментарии :) Please don't copy and please read and review*
Chapter 3
    A strange vision
    “Was he hot?” My best friend Jessica asked. I groaned, of course that would be the first thing she asked.
    After that introduction, I drove straight to Jessica’s house, knowing she would rebel and not go to school, because she сказал(-а) and I quote ‘Monday doesn’t count as a school день in my book’. Ever since the first день of eighth grade, she hasn’t attended school on Monday, the best part, no one Вопросы this.
    “That’s not the point, Jess.” I tell her. “He…I don’t know, it was like he knew something.”
    Jess nodded. “Hot guys always look like they know something.”
    I laughed, I took my подушка and threw it at her. “You suck.”
    Jess dodged the pillow, “what did they call Ты in for.”
    “They told us Dorothy was hit by a bat, and then drowned. Dad got so angry, and he’s never showed a slip of emotion until now.”
    “And that boy…Cadence, just happened to notice your special amulet on the floor,” Jess’s eyebrows scrunched.
    If I haven’t сказал(-а) it before, I tell Jess everything. So she knows why my amulet is so special, and that it might just be the number one reason I’m having these recurring dreams of my sister.
    “I don’t know what to think,” I confess, burying my face in her pillow.
    “Me neither,” Jess says. “But right now, let’s get Ты cheered up.”
    Jess gets up from her bed, and makes a peace and farewell sign, probably to go to the кухня and stack up on my Избранное foods. I smile to myself, pleased to have such a great friend.
    I hear this weird sound, it’s faint but gains momentum in seconds. At first I can’t tell what it is, but then I realize it’s something about a vision. The Далее thing I know, when I blink, I’m in some sort of store. I hear a familiar voice and my сердце freezes.
    “Thanks, take care,” she says while flashing her dazzling smile to the stunned cashier. She turns on her heel and heads to the exit, I follow closely.
    She’s holding this grocery bag, I can’t tell what’s in it, it could be big, it could be small.
    She stops at this boat, it’s quite big, she enters it with ease and confidence, Показ that she’s done this before. She calls out a name, but when she says it, it sounds all disoriented, as if she was in water.
    As soon as I think of those words, I’m thrown into the blue devil. I can’t swim up, I can’t breathe, and my life is flashing before my very own eyes. I look up and see this dark shadow, silently watching me.
    My eyes pop open and I gasp for air, thinking of my vision, it was weird. First of all, there was a weight chained to my sister, and секунда of all the water wasn’t that deep when she drowned, it was a lake, and that vision felt like an ocean.
    Lastly, it was one of the first visions I’ve had in a long time, where I was put into a person’s mind, feeling what they were feeling, thinking what they were thinking.
    I shivered at the Далее thought, what if that vision of drowning wasn’t of my sister, but of someone else. And whoever that shadow was, probably killed my sister to.
    I took in deep breaths, thinking of Cadence and his mysterious aura. ‘I know’, he had said. Then I think of that police man years ago, when I asked him to borrow some police files, или newspapers of murders, trying to match some.
    If that was another person drowning, then I might be close enough.
    And I just might need help.
posted by flabaloobalah
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Drama/Romance

Claire and I unpacked our belongings and put them in our own dressers and waited for lunch to be ready.
After a little while, Leila hollered for us. As Claire and I reached the doorway, we observed the stampede as the six of them pounded down the stairs.
When my little sister and I reached the kitchen, Jeb greeted us and handed us a bowl and silverware. At the head of the table, Leila stood with a ladle and served us plenty of food. I sat Далее to Makayla, and Claire sat across from me, Далее to Joey.
The meal was spent in almost total silence, save...
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Quin's point of view.

“I’m dropping out of school,” I announced, slamming open my locker.
    “Why?” Lisa asked, glanced up from stuffing a jacket, a pocketbook, and a stuffed hippo into her backpack.
    “Why do Ты think?” I asked. “My secret’s out. I need to drop out of school.”
    Lisa rolled her eyes. “Quin, you’re taking this way too seriously. This is one of those things that everyone teases Ты about for one day, and the Далее day...
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As weeks passed the doctors had put Kyle on life support as he was getting worse. They were all there when Kyle woke up. "Kyle!" сказал(-а) Summer she sat Далее to his постель, кровати and hugged him tightly. He squeezed her back, it wasn't very hard, but he tried. "you cant leave me!" she demanded "You CAN'T!" she cried and cried and cried, but she didn't let go. "I'm sorry" he whispred
"No! Youre NOT going! Ты can't! I Любовь you! How am I supposed to-" she stopped and cried, she let go and went to her seat. Angus put his hand on James back, gestering for him to talk to Kyle. He knelt beside him. Kyle saw all...
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When I reach into the stars
And all I find is pain
I remember that in the darkest nights
There is still hope

I've been through the deepest waters
The darkest nights
Even when I couldn't see
I fought through it all....and survived

Ты know it isn't easy
Just fighting through it all
Trying to survive when Ты know there's barely any hope
And it was clear to me what a difficult world this is

People never сказал(-а) it would be an easy life
All they сказал(-а) was that it'd be worth the time
So I came into this world one dark night
And saw for myself how amazing it could be

Through the nights, through the days
Through the triumphs, through the pain,
We saw through it all
And believed

Through the nights, through the days
Through the triumphs, through the pain,
We saw through it all....
And survived.
posted by Problematic129
*Game twister buddies.
~Genre: Fiction, mystery, and I guess Фэнтези :)*
Chapter 25
    Dorothy’s point of view
    I touch her journal. “I’m going to try something,” I tell my friends. “So don’t freak out unless I start bleeding или jerking или something unusually.”
    Jess nods, use to the routine, she turns to Cadence. “Get ready rookie, and don’t freak out, I know when to panic.”
    Cadence looking confused and a bit scared nods, as he watches me.
    I close my eyes, and concentrate...
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posted by ravenswolf

The world as we know it has fallen apart, whole cities lay in ruins and the undead walk the Earth. Danger lurks down every alleyway, in every abandoned building and around every corner.
Imagine being a 13 год old boy on a journey to get himself and his 7 год old sister from Kentucky to Canada. Scared and alone, they push forward....
North to Canada, North to Nanas house, North....... to Refuge.

This is the first in a triolgy of Refuge Books. The секунда ' Refuge, Homecoming ' and the third will be ' Refuge, Reunion'. Not only a tale of zombies and Остаться в живых children, but a survival guide...
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In the morning James returned. The others were already there. Kyle laid in his bed, asleep. They left James a spot Далее to Kyle, where James had sat last night. The white Обои was slightly ripped. James sat in his seat. "Did anything happen last night?" asked Katie desperatly. James shrugged. They could tell something had the others looked at Katie all wondering the same question. She pointed at the security camera that nobody had noticed. James sat on his сиденье, место, сиденья with his knees under his chin and his hands clasped around his legs and head facing down. Memories of last night were nagging...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Fourteen


      "Am I suppose to be impressed because all I see is a town covered in garbage and dirt." There was nothing royal about this court. The citizens wore garbage bags for clothes and cups for shoes. The town was smelly, dirty, and disgusting. I felt filthy all over but the smiles on their faces was unbelievably. They were living in the most disgusting place on Earth and yet they smile as if they don't notice. It had me thinking. 
      "There isn't much to see after The One took over. I still believe Ты should rule The...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 20    
    When a psycho is near, chaos occurs
    Guess what? I was right! Adam’s team did lose, victory for Pam! Ты could hear his sad frustrating voice on the other end as I was hanging out with my gal’s and surprisingly Grey. He just invited himself but I’m not complaining.
    “That movie was awesome!” Sage announced as we exited the movie theater.
    “Of course it was, I paid good money for it.” Grey replied.
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posted by flabaloobalah
 Blake's horse Steel
Blake's horse Steel
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Drama/Romance

Isaac took the front spot of our group once we stopped at the edge of the driveway. He looked both ways before crossing the улица, уличный and waited on the shoulder of the road. Once Tim crossed next, they walked a few feet into the woods. Apparently, to get to this Blake's house, we had to go through the woods. One by one, we went across the dirt road and through the densely packed forest. It seemed like a maze only they knew, dark winding paths, dark beneath the large trees hiding the sun. We travelled in quiet until we reached a clearing.
Here, the...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

Once upon a time, there was a magician named Ricaver. He had a garden filled plants. Some were native, such as the Oaks and Elderberries. However, some of them were not known to the world, such as Mangoes, Lemons, and Pumpkins.

One day, an orphaned girl named Kara suck into his magical garden. Kara was actually quite pretty. She had brown hair, green eyes, and cutest giggle.

"Oh wow..." Kara gasped as she looked at all of the different types of plants.

Suddenly, Ricaver appeared in a blinding flash of оранжевый light.

"WHO DARES SNEAK INTO MY SECRET GARDEN?!!" Ricaver roared as a strong gust...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

I woke up. I couldn't see well, but I was able to see myself. I have grey fur, grey patches on my legs, paws, and tail, with a blue tip on the tail.

"Hello?" I called out. Gosh, I didn't think I knew how to talk.

"Yo! Are Ты alright?" A voiced called out to me. Someone was trying to find me!

"I...don't know" I responded.

"You don't know?" The voice responded. It was a white female волк with purple eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked her.

"I'm Lilly. It's nice to meet you. Are Ты new?" Lilly asked me.

"Again, I don't know" I responded. I didn't know if this волк was friendly или not.

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“Ryker Fargo, please Сообщить to the office; Ryker Fargo.”
    Um, no, I won’t Сообщить to the office. It’s stupid that they call Ты on the loudspeakers to the office. Sound can’t make me go.
    I was in the library. Hiding, really, so I wouldn’t have to go. What if someone had figured out that I was the smoker?
    I was searching through the library. No sign of Ms. Levitt. Maybe she wasn’t here today. I pulled a cigarette from my pocket and lit it, took a drag.
    I heard the door opening. I snuffed...
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They all rushed to the hospital. "Kyle." they gasped. Kyle, with his blonde hair, scratches, bruises and broken Кости lyed under the white, soft, hospital blanket. The only sound that could be heard was the soft, quite sound of the сердце monitor beeping. They all went and sat Далее to his hospital bed. They all tried to hold back the tears. Summer gave in and tears streamed down her cheeks and on to the floor. Tiffany, Angus and Mariah burst into tears as well. James didnt, he didnt like to Показать emotion, no matter how sad he was. Even though he wasn't crying on the outside, they knew there were...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Fifteen


      How does it feel to be on fire? It left like getting a sunburn but hurting ten times еще and еще heat. It felt like being in a furnace или being baked in an oven. It felt awful. Ты would think that from all of that pain I would have surely died but I didn't. I was alive and each moment I inhaled it only got worse. I couldn't tell what had caused this pain but from the yelling I could tell Shane was fighting whoever did it. 
      My mind began to wonder away from the pain. It was too much to...
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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 12
    One messed up sleepover
    “So should I go with малина yellow, или remedy green?” Sage asks.
    “Sweetie, were doing nails not a Trix commercial,” I tell her.
    Sage sticks her tongue out at me. “Bite me, the one with brown hair.”
    “Cherry head!”
    Meredith rolls her eyes, but still comes to sit closer to us as Talia’s giving her the obsessed ‘let’s be Друзья glance’.
    “So your one of Pamela’s friends!”...
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This is my first Фан fic... and hopefully I will be continuing on this! Enjoy!

My name is Alice. I'm eleven years young. My life has been all... Единороги until this year. It's sort of like all the fun has been cut off from my life. Like adults and other people alike all want me to have a short childhood. It's strange, because it seems as if everyone else is having loads of excitement in their lives. But I'm the only one who is at home, trying not to cut myself everyday because of all the stress in my life. It's difficult not to, and I haven't spoke to anyone so far. I don't want to be sent...
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posted by alicia386
I made these collages a while назад and i have got to share them with you.

For some odd reason this things wont let me post it unless my Статья is longer so i am trying to make it longer. Just wasting Космос here. I understand

Will Bella ever stop loving Edward? Will Peeta ever cheat on Katniss? These Вопросы and еще will be answered after these messages.

K-Stew and Rob are OVER. Well, she did cheat on him with a MARRIED MAN WHO HAS KIDS.