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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 10
    The smell of young Любовь in the morning
    You’d all be happy to know that I never buried a certain Meredith Baxter, but I did accidentally hit her during our lovely game of волейбол fifteen times.
    “Hey JONES! Watch it!” She yelled furiously at me.
    “Oh sorry, I didn’t give a had enough smack,” I shrug as I put on my most innocent face.
    Meredith glared at me but сказал(-а) nothing more.
    Don’t Ты just Любовь the feeling of having the last word? Because I do.
    Today is the день that Grey and Beth are going to that car show, I could already tell from Grey’s bright smile and Beth’s nervousness.
    I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been giving Ты many tips, which SUP was made for. So I’ll be dropping some of the rules, my rules.
    But sadly I can’t stalk my lovebirds, because right now I’m being stalked as we speak. Remember Talia? Yeah, she’s outside my door, with this pie, a manic smile on her face, she’s yelling my name right now and trying to bust down the door which I bought extra locks just for her.
    Leaving this house meant facing Talia, who would take no for answer and probably follow me to where I was headed. Then I’d get into a huge girl fight, with the hair pulling, and yelling, and doggy hits, just because of her little obsession with Grey. Which is ten times worse than my infatuation with Cal, who on his page is hanging out with Meredith of all people.
    I sighed, I even thought of going out there, tearing Talia down, and running out there before anyone could pin anything on me.
    But there’s something Ты should know about Talia, like I told you, she was crazy, deranged. Wonky in the head. I try to take her and I might end up in a body bag.
    Yes, she’s that bad.
    She’s so bad, that sometimes I’m scared of her, I know Grey is a little scared to of her. She’s just so…creepy, like in her smile it says that she’s been looking through Ты window (even if Ты don’t have one). And her eyes are always wide and fixed on you, concentrated on Ты hard, like she’s trying to devour your soul.
    And sometimes she’s freaky with the way she dresses, like last time when I was leaving the house for school she appeared by my side, wearing the exact same clothes, her hair in the exact same style as mine, accessories exactly as mine, even her backpack and phone. What kind of normal person does that byu accident!
    So I just have to wait, and I’ll probably wither away waiting while Grey and Beth are somewhere doing only God knows what. Do they even know there on a date?
    They are on one, they are!
    I look at the clock with a tortured glance, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...
    *A whole boat-load-humongous lot еще секунды later*
    I’m staring at my ceiling, I think I’m dead, I haven’t felt so bored, I don’t know if Talia left ,but I can’t go out, too risky.
    So bored!
    A half a секунда later my door opens and a flushed Beth enters the room.
    “So?!” I yell, running to her. “How was it?”
    “It was…” She trailed off. “It was…”
    “You can finish the sentence, come on! It was…”
    Beth takes a deep breath. “Awesome.”
    I squeal, “yes!”
    Beth’s eyes narrow in suspicion, but she doesn’t accuse me, like I thought she would. “But now everything’s a bit weird.”
    “Weird? Why would it be weird?” I ask, scrunching my eyebrows.
    “Well…” Beth blushed. “I’ve never thought of Grey like…you know, romantic like. But today…he was so sweet, and he looked cute when he was nervous, and we almost kissed…ugh!”
    “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I’m holding my hands up, pushing at every whoa. “You almost kissed?”
    Beth nodded, her cheeks getting redder. “At least, I think we were going to. We were talking, and then Grey leaned towards me, we were so close…but then Meredith and Cal appeared and the whole день was ruined with them tagging along.”
    “Meredith and Cal?!” I screech.
    Beth nodded her eyes wide as mine’s. “I’m just as shocked, it was like they knew. It was creepy.”
    “Were they on a date?” I asked calmly.
    Beth shrugs, “didn’t look like it, Meredith and Cal barely looked at each other. But we managed to make some excuse to ditch them, than God for that.”
    I gave her a look. “Your verdict?”
    “Otherwise the crashers, it was amazing. But…I     don’t know if I like Grey that way.” Beth played with her fingers.
    “Easy, did Ты wish the night with him and Ты lasted longer?”
    Beth paused. “A little.”
    “Did Ты find yourself looking at him without realizing it?”
    Beth nodded.
    “Did Ты blush whenever he was close?”
    Another nod.
    “Did Ты want him to Kiss you?”
    Nod. *Squeal*
    “Do Ты want to go on another date?”
    “There Ты have it, Ты like him, and would like to go out again, which means a potential relationship, easy peasy.”
    Beth shook her head. “Not that easy.”
    I cocked my head at her, and that was when I heard Talia’s voice. “Oh Эй, Mr. Jones, I was wondering if Ты can be so kind to let me in, to hang with your daughter?”
    “Back door?” I asked.
    “Back window,” Beth answered, wincing when she heard the door close and Talia’s excited squeal. “But I still didn’t seem to ditch her.”
    I sighed. “Young Любовь and young obsessions, brace yourself bubs, I’m calling the girl’s.”
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My Dream

My dream is to make the world a better place.
For Ты and me and the people to come.
I want peace in this world,
And love,
And harmony.
The world we live in now is curl and cool,
and filled with war.
It’s like we’re all on a wheel of all the angry,
thoughts and feeling’s.
A never ending and every winning
race of hate.
My dream is make the world brighter
and free.
A place that doesn’t know pain или hurt.
Only Любовь and freedom.
In my mind I have a magical place,
were no one makes fun of you,
And Ты will be loved.
In my magical place there’s no such thing as hurtful words.
And this is how going...
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Chapter (18):
"It's possible" сказал(-а) Leo, "Or maybe not.." added Abbie, "What do Ты mean?" asked Josh "We'll tell Ты later" сказал(-а) Noah, "Right now we gotta go" he continued, "Ab,Leo" he сказал(-а) getting to his feet both Abbie and Leo did the same and headed to the door, Bonnie got to her feet and stood facing Noah, "Bye" she said, "Bye" replied Noah he leaned down and kissed Bonnie on the cheek, "See Ты Abbie, Ты too Abbie's best friend" сказал(-а) Josh, "My name is Leo" сказал(-а) Leo angrily, "Okay..bye Leo" сказал(-а) Josh sarcastically, Noah chuckled and let go of Bonnie's hand which he held tight after kissing...
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posted by alicia386

      It was your typical sunny день in Los Angelus. 6 год old Sophie and Zoe Mallory were having a чай party with their best Друзья Emma and Erica. Even though Emma and Erica were unnaturally pale and wore very ancient types of clothing, Sophie and Zoe didn't notice. They were just thrilled to have friends. Emma was as pale as her sister Erica and their clothes looked like something from the seventeenth century. If Sophie and Zoe were any older, they might have thought this a puzzling или strange but they looked at it as if it was something everyone wears.
      Their mom peeped...
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posted by alicia386
The Big Three are Zeus, Hades, and Poisedon. Ты never call the big three unless it is an extreme emergency. I knew the results if this didn't go well with them. I would most likely be zapped into a cockroach или something odd like that. That is something that I didn't want to happen to me but we needed to stop Elysia before Earth was next. I grew very fond of this planet.

Gabriel and I were the sons of Zeus and w knew our father very well which was abnormal because Zeus hates demigods. He really hates them. I went to Mount Olympus alone while Gabriel stayed behind to become a spy for us. Gabriel...
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I flinched before he hit me I could already feel the nails from the ремень, пояс, пояса on my skin exactly where he'd hit before he really did. He hit that same spot at least five times—it was right above my butt bone.

I cried out in pain as he went up and down my spinal cord with the ремень, пояс, пояса he moved it to my arms that clinged to the вверх of the heater. Tears poured out of my eyes "Dad stop please dad!!" He whipped me harder saying "What did I tell Ты all about calling me Dad I'm your master Ты little runt!!" he changed to the other arm and and gave me a fine blow to the left jaw bone I fell on my back...
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posted by hgfan5602
Together, at last,
We sing in unison,
As the eagles zoom past us,
Symbolizing true freedom now.

We are together,
Not just our country,
But all the countries of the universe,
Syria, China, Germany,
Russia, Canada, Brazil,
And, of course, the United States.

I have never experienced
Such an amazing feeling
In my whole life,
As the soldiers of the universe
March past,
We are in utmost glory.

The unity of the universe,
We behold right now.
Never again, we shall quarrel,
Fighting with our steel rifles.

We will be free,
Not just blacks,
But all of us,
Together, at last.

We will be equal,
Women and men,
And we shall work together,...
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posted by para-scence
If someone wouldn't mind Чтение and commenting, I'm kind of in need of feedback. Thanks in advance.

"Evangeline! It's time to get up!" Mom called from the hallway. I grumbled and pulled the blanket over my head. Just five еще minutes... five еще hours would be nice...

"Evan," my older brother Joshua poked his head into my room. "Didn't Ты hear Mom? Ты need to get up." I growled at him.

"Get out," I squeezed my eyes shut tighter.

"Why don't Ты try and make me?" he taunted. I grabbed my подушка and flung it across the room at him. He laughed and ran out of the room. Not having anything to...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 18
    A sleepless night
    I spent the rest of the vision following Dorothy and I, smiling at the good ole times. By the time the vision was done it was dark outside and I was exhausted. I called the doctor to notify him that I was okay, and after a few минуты I had hung up, finished showering, and was ready for bed.
    But I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking back to those...
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Chapter Eight

      "Can Ты remember anything from your past life?" interrogated Dakota. Just yesterday she was invited to Hazel's death день party. She wanted to throw a party to remember the life of Abigail and Gwendolyn Dalton. Dakota and Connor both knew that it was a setup for them but they had to to. 
      "I wish I could. As the days go by I forget еще and more. I even forgot how I died." Abigail's ghost looked up a Dakota. Ты could feel the sorrow leaking out of it. "I wish I could be of еще assistance but I just don't remember a thing. I am surprised that we are still linked...
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 The Yarn....
The Yarn....
(Sequel to the A Cat Chasing Yarn (Yarn's Point of View) (This cat is going to be really perky and hyped up and energetic.))

 Me (right) and my brother (left).
Me (right) and my brother (left).
 Mom (left) and Dad (right).
Mom (left) and Dad (right).
posted by rory2011
chapter (2)

the walls started to falling down on us ,I carried Sofia and took Jeremy's hand running to пересекать, крест that door without thinking what will be there behind that door
I put Sofia on the ground and closed the door quickly
I turned around ,I couldn't see Jeremy and Sofia ,"Jeremy where're you?" I asked
"Sam !I'm over here" he answered
I couldn't see my own brother ,all I see is black ,I felt like I blind
"Sam where're we ,I can't see anything "Sofia сказал(-а)
"I don't know , just chill out I'll try to catch Ты ok ,just make some noise so I could get Ты ok" I сказал(-а)
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Chapter Seven

    Since the death of Gwendolyn, Mr. Bulks cut the field trip short and gave everyone an A for the day. The Daltons were the most upset so they left a few минуты after Reese was arrested. Gwendolyn's body was not found. Police suspected that Reese had probably hid the body somewhere. She probably didn't want anyone to to find it. There was still an unsettling feeling in the air as everyone remembered what Reese last said. If she truly wasn't the one who killed Gwen and Abby then that meant that the killer was still loose and probably planning their Далее attack. If they were...
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posted by rory2011
David rode the man's car , the man drove to the police station ,when they arrived ,the man told David to go to ask for officer 12's office in the секунда floor
David ran towards the office as fast as he can ,when he arrived ,the officer looked at him asking " are Ты Mr. David miller ? " yes ,I'm sir " David сказал(-а)
" sit down please " the officer сказал(-а)
David sat on that black диван, мягкий уголок near the officer disk
" sir ,could Ты please tell me what's going on with my son Kevin " David сказал(-а)
" today there was a огонь in the sugar factory where your son work ,your son is a very good strong guy ,he helped all...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 17
    Happy times
    “How can Ты not be happy, this is our first sister-sister tradition in like…ever?” My eleven год old self asked my sister, giving her a look like I thought she was mental.
    Dorothy laughed, a huge smile on her face. “Your such a loser Des, we hang out all the time.”
    “Not all the time,” I insisted. “And this is the first time we planned this to do and do again every year.”
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Vincent Matherly was a normal teenage boy. He had a happy, rich family and an amazing girlfriend, Brooke Oakely. Yes the Brooke Oakely who is the legendary supermodel/ singer. Life couldn't be better. The best part was that he got accepted into Harvard. Yes, his life was like a fairytale but little did he know that his fairytale dream would come to a distrubing end.

The Matherlys were very sensible people. They did great deeds for their community and even Vincent's dad ran and was elected mayor of New York. They were rich but they did give some of their money to charities around the world. They...
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