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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

It was hundreds of years after Kara's transformation, but she was still a plant-human hybrid. For the years before this day, she was shown as an abomination of nature. In short, people poked, prodded, and threw things at Kara.

However, this день would turn out different...

Jeremy was a sixteen год old boy with black hair, brown eyes, and a smile that warm up even the most Холодное сердце heart. His father bought the mansion and garden for Jeremy as he was studying botany in college.

"I finally can have my own mansion and garden" Jeremy thought as he was driving down to his new mansion.

When Jeremy arrived at his new mansion, it felt...empty. Like no one had been there for years.

"Hello?" Jeremy asked as his voice echoed through the mansion. There was no immediate response, so Jeremy went inside.

The mansion was very large, but very unnerving. There were cobwebs all over the place, and every time Ты entered a new room, it felt like someone was watching you.

"Uh...I guess I should go to the garden now..." Jeremy thought to himself as he was clearly creeped out by the old mansion.

Jeremy descended to the garden, his steps making small echoes. When Jeremy opened the door to the garden, a cry was heard.

"Huh?! What was that?!" Jeremy thought to himself as he walked to where the screams came from.

Suddenly, Jeremy tripped on a long vine.

"GAH!" Jeremy cried as he fell flat on his butt, "Yikes...that was embarrassing".

"Embarrassing? Ты don't even know the half of it..." A voice snidely told Jeremy.

"Well it was...a little..." Jeremy blushed a little.

"Well don't come any closer" The voice commanded Jeremy.

"Why not?" Jeremy asked.

"Because!" The voice responded.

"Because why?" Jeremy responded again as he walked towards where the voice was coming from. He then suddenly stopped.

"Hello" Kara greeted Jeremy.
posted by Problematic129
Chapter 23
    The difference between
    I always knew being rich made Ты poorer, for one, you’d most likely put your things first before anything else, but some people manage to keep compassion. My family was never rich rich, but we still had many luxuries, but they never helped our family.
    But not being rich doesn’t mean Ты get a good life either, because in the end, nothing’s perfect it’s just nice или good. Families break up, Друзья betray, strangers steal, it’s just how the world works in some cases. We feel powerless...
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posted by SisterOfThalia

Because I'm too lazy to type it again. :P I wrote this poem because I just graduated a school and it's really sad, and I do not like the idea of leaving all of my friends. I know that there are a few that I'll never see again. So I kind of vented about it through this poem. I hope it's good. Hgfan5602 is such an inspiration, so this is pretty much dedicated to them. I've always stunk at poems, and I haven't written one in ages, so I hope this will suffice as a decent piece of poetry.
posted by SisterOfThalia

This is my first full-length story that I've made.

Ты know, I would post it here chapter by chapter, but there's 23. And that would entirely cover up 'The Deadly Truth' (I know that should probably be underlined but my computer sucks and that isn't an option on here) chapters that are up thus far so I'm not doing that xD

Based off of the Percy Jackson series.

Note: This story kind of stinks, especially the first five chapters. Eve is a major Mary-Sue at the beginning, I think, but won't let me change it so I can't really do much about it (plus I'm a sentimental weirdo who doesn't like to change things-- really gotta get over that). The секунда story, which I'll post after I get feedback on this, is WAY better. I'm on chapter 14 of that and it's already longer than the first and by FAR еще descriptive and all. I blame myself for being younger when I started the first one :P
posted by Bluekait
If Ты pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If Ты haven't, here's a link:


For any inspiring horror story Фан can gladly vote here:



Little Johnny boy didn't know about it till it happen. He was curious but didn't take warnings seriously. His parents couldn't handle the loss of their only son. Do Ты want to know what happened? Here it goes.

Johnny boy was an 17 year-old boy who dressed in black and known for his charm and outstanding, mind-blowning magic tricks. He had lived a good life and had good grades in school. Johnny had a...
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Chapter 13
    The whole gang
    “So…? Um…would Ты rather, live on an island for a год but then be saved and become a billionaire, или get stuck on a cruise ship for a three months with no money whatsoever?” I ask.    
    Ryler ums, while Beth scrunches up her eyes, the others just boringly blink. Beth Ответы first.
    “Stuck on a cruise ship.”
    “Why?” I question.
    “Well…think about it, I’m going to have to find food, clothes,...
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~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 31
        Close to perfect: A few months later
    Adam wrinkled his nose as Ryler grabbed for my hand once we seated. “Can Ты guys stop with the lovey dovey, it’s gross to see my best friend and roommate romancing my sister.”
    I stuck my tongue out at him. “Like your not romancing Sage up in front of me.”
    Adam’s cheeks pinkened a little, and I smiled victoriously. Yes, my dear readers, Adam and Sage are a couple, yeah, surprised me too....
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posted by 1999jacko
Ricks parents and lawyer were sat either side of him as the two detective continuously asked Вопросы that rick would only say no Комментарий until they sai one that he could," how old are you?" One called Johnson asked and rick simply smiled,"12," he сказал(-а) knowing that even though he was twelve the lawyer he had was the best in town and he can't be beaten. Detective Johnson had a hard glare on his face as he spoke," we'll boyo you've been seved and if Ты fail you'll be put in juvy for 2 years with no pribation или early sentences, got?" Rick still smiled confidently and said," yep" his voice happy...
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posted by E-Scope90
This song is about braking up with someone. Please Присоединиться my club E-Scope90 if Ты like it. I'll post some еще if I get enough views.
Oh Caysee
Casee, Caysee,
Can't Ты see
Your Любовь isn't fit
For Ты and me
Caysee, why won't Ты understand
I don't want to take your hand
Why can't Ты find someone else,
Oh Caysee?
Caysee, don't feel so blue
Ты can find a boy for you.
(repeat 2x)
Caysee, why cant Ты see
You're just not the one for me.
Just please understand
Our Любовь isn't grand.
I don't wanna make a fit in front of the Музыка stand
Can't Ты see
You're not the one for me
Caysee, oh Caysee
Oh, can't Ты see???!!!
Ты can never be...
the one....
for me...
posted by 1999jacko
because I like to have lots of stuff on at once heres a prologue of one of my new stories

The prologue
I ran вперед into nothing things being erased in the path of the other kids behind me, the world is crumbling before my eyes. MY Друзья that have already died bodies appear on the nothingness in front of me I shove them away from my eyes and jump high over them.Too high I feel the pain shoot up and down my leg searing a hole of pain in my head and then that's all I feel, think and hear..Pain and that's when I know they are right behind me haunting me for all the bad things I've done I just...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
I dropped the bat and ran the two steps to his side. “Brett, what happened?! Who did this to you?!” His leg looked like it was torn apart. The skin was hanging in shreds, there was blood everywhere and I could see the bone. His arm was hanging at an odd angle and his face was covered with claw marks and a deep gash could be seen above his right eye. I grabbed some cloths from beside me and turned on the sink. Wetting one of the cloths, I began to clear some of the blood away. Brett gasped in pain. “I'm sorry. I should take Ты to the hospital.” I was getting up to leave the room to...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Talow knew he had failed. UFS soldiers were dieing around him as the Bellators struck them with everything they had. Raza had played him like a fool and Talow knew it. He held the plans to his chest regretting ever joining the army, he should have stayed away the first time he had gotten away. He watched as battalion V35, his battalion was turn to shreds as they tried to take on a group of Bellators larger then themselves. He watched them fall, blood smeared and broken. Luca stood fighting hard with a tall Bellator dressed in navy, a badge glistening on his own breast. I трещина, сплит секунда was all...
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posted by alicia386
August 29

      Chloe's throat started closing. She couldn't breathe. Her vision was getting fuzzy and the world started closing in around her. She tried getting up but the weight of the air forced her to fall on her hands and needs. She hears distant screaming but couldn't tell who it was. There were sirens and people shouting orders. The world blended together. Her entire body ached. She was weak and tired and death seemed like a very welcoming idea. She couldn't understand what was going on. The screaming was forcing her to loose control. Then she realized . . . it was her.

Eric was literally...
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[verse 1]
you called me the other night and i didnt know wat to do so i answered the phone and сказал(-а) hel-lo
you сказал(-а) Ты were sorry and that wanted to come back to me but i told no cuz

i cant take it no еще Ты break my сердце then Ты say Ты wanna come back i put up with this бык crap enough of times

im sick of Ты and im sick of the way Ты treat me and im sick of your Любовь and oh how i've been able to live my life the way i wanted to

[verse 2]
i moved on from Ты i forgot about Ты Ты never come to my mind your out of sight and out of mind i dont think about Ты anymore

i cant...
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posted by IlovePatch97
Ты step into the ballroom were the annual midnight gala is being held. It happens every summer, August first, the год is 1884. The wealthy family of a well know over seas business holds the party in there estate hall. Only the rich, flamboyant, fashionable and educated are invited. You, being a business partner and fitting all descriptions continuously receive invites. Ты are not particularly fond of large gatherings though. Ты would much rather prefer to be at Главная doing work, perhaps reading, или maybe lounging by a огонь in your own mansion. Despite the hot days the nights are rather chilly,...
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posted by 1999jacko
3 miles away

Gemini woke from his sleep, his wand in his hand with an old brown tendril half out of it as though he had been fighting someone. He slowly сказал(-а) under his breath," samantanes," his voice rough and gravely from a thousand years of unconscious, after a секунда of waiting a huge water hand shot from his body clearing his way backup to the surface. He grabbed the wand and jumped up onto the surface as 18 of his ( former) captors came towards him tendrils flying everywhere. He could see the fiery robes of his worst enemy Virgo at the front, but as they ran вперед Gemini saw the flabby...
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posted by rory2011
David crawled towards Kat
" what's going on ? " David asked Kat
she moved her eyes looking at him and сказал(-а) , " remember why mom died ? ,Mac want to kill Hayley for the same reason ........ in the same way "
Hayley was sitting right Далее to Kat ,what she heard hurt her so much ,but she knows that she is a girl without a father loving her или caring about her
" I want to get out of here " сказал(-а) David
the door opened , that was Mac carrying a chair with his hands and there was a man of his guards standing near him
" spread them up " Mac told his guard ,the man pulled Hayley strongly ,Hayley tried...
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posted by Dhampires
The most beautiful creature is the most deciving creature. Foul, cruelness, and haterid are the only things that makes it's сердце whole. The rest is pit of darkness not one hearty emotion lurks in it's body, it feeds off fear- the fear of it's prey.
It was only a few nights eariler that she wore an white silk ballgown to the Ball-wearing matching gloves that came just above the wrist and glass heels. She'd had that beautiful blond hair flowing behind her back, her crystal blue eyes showed off her hair very well and her rosey lips placed together her face perfectly-not to mention her slim...
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posted by rory2011
David couldn't take all his pain since Jack has been taken to jail from three years назад ,witch made him very ill ,David now in 47 and almost to 48 years old ,but he looks older because of his illness ,he refused to face people after what Jack did ,all the people in the country knows who's David miller is ,he's the father of the most dangerous criminal in the country, Jack got crazy in jail ,because of a lot of things happening and happened to him
Jack was getting tortured every night ,which made him crazy and pushed him kill three of the cops and two prisoners ,plus he tried to escape so many...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
(Sorry if it's not that great. It's my first time Письмо a story for fun and not for school)

“Mom! Phone!” Where was she? I slowly dragged myself off the leather couch, knocking my Книги to the floor. I watched as my pencil rolled under the armchair. Oh well, I was done with it anyways. I grabbed the phone on the eighth ring, “Hello?''
“Julie, babe. I thought you'd never answer. It's been like what? Three hours since we last chatted?” It was my slime-ball of an ex-boyfriend, Ryan.
“Ya, sure. What ev.” I replied while examining the nail polish chipping off my nails. “I got to...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Breathing hard beneath the shading leaves of countless exotic trees, Talow could hear the sounds of men shouting to each other and pain induced shrieks. He crawled behind a large trunk, peering back at the village; from here he could see what was going on. Neighbours, some of which he had had a good relationship with were being forced on their knees as men wearing pale gray uniforms tied lengths of rope around their wrists. Buildings were burning; livestock could be heard squealing as огонь licked flesh.

Talow pulled back from his viewing point, taking inventory of his hastily thrown together...
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