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posted by BlondLionEzel
Issue #1

*Japanese Countryside School*

Teacher: Everyone, we have a new student here all the way from America.

Yuki: *Looks at her friend* I wonder who it is?

Yuki’s Friend: *Shrugs*

Teacher: Welcome our new student, his name is Nick.

Nick: *Walks in nervously, has black hair, a red baseball кепка, колпачок pale-ish skin, dazzling brown eyes, and a slim but muscular figure* Hello...

Yuki’s Friend: *Whispers to Young Yuki* Wow...this guy is cute...

Yuki: *Blushes* I kind of agree...

Teacher: Would any of Ты like to ask Вопросы about Nick?

Yuki’s Friend: What is America like?

Nick:’s big...very big...I’m from a state called California, specifically a city named Davis.

Yuki: What is Davis like?

Nick: Davis is a very green town, with lots of family owned shops and bikes everywhere.

Souhei: *Watching, jealously*


Nick: *Walking through the halls*

Yuki: *Approaches Young Nick* Hello...

Nick: Hello there.

Yuki: My name is Yuki...*Holds her hand out for a handshake*

Nick: And I’m Nick *Shakes her hand*

Souhei: Yuki, who is this?

Yuki: Oh...hello Souhei...

Souhei: *Sneers at Young Nick* What do Ты think you’re trying to do?

Nick: What?

Yuki: *Turns to Young Nick* He’s my ex-boyfriend...

Nick: Oh...

Souhei: Are Ты trying to take her away from me?

Nick: We literally just met...

Souhei: *Scoffs and walks away*

Yuki: I’m sorry about that...

Nick: Don’t apologize. Ты did nothing wrong.

Yuki: *Blushes and thinks to herself* What a gentleman...

Nick: I’m sorry, but I have to go...

Yuki: Where are Ты going?

Nick: I actually live by myself...

Yuki: What?! Don’t Ты get lonely?

Nick: *Sighs* Sometimes...

Yuki: Hey! Would Ты like to come over to my house?

Nick: Sure.

*Later, Hana’s house*

Hana: *Sees Yuki and Nick* Welcome home, Yuki...and who is your friend here?

Nick: My name is Nick...

Hana: Well, come on in.

Ame: *Looks at Young Nick, somewhat defensively*

Hana: *Looks at Young Ame* What is it?

Ame: I sense something strange about Nick...

Hana: Well what is it?

Ame: I don't know.

*Later, at dinner*

Nick: *Eating curry*

Hana: So Nick, what’s it like to live alone?

Nick: *Swallows* It’s a little lonely...but Ты kind of get used to it after a while.

Yuki: *Looks at Young Nick intently* So why do Ты live alone?

Nick: My mom and dad abandoned me at a young I came to live here.

Yuki: What!?!?! Why did they abandon you?

Hana: Yuki, some parents just don’t care for their children...

Yuki: That’s horrible!

Hana: Nick, what do Ты remember about them?

Nick: Well, the only thing I remember is the comic Книги I got from them...I still remember one phrase...”With great power, comes great responsibility”...

Yuki: *Sighs* Poor guy...

*The Далее day*

Yuki: *Walking to class*

Nick: *Catches up to her* Hey! Good morning.

Yuki: *Smiles* Hello Nick!

Souhei: *Blocks Young Nick* Hey! Don’t talk to her like that!

Nick: Huh?

Souhei: You’re trying to take her from me!


Souhei: *Runs*

Nick: *Sighs, then lets his волк ears free, then hides them again*

*After school*

Yuki: *Following Young Nick*

Nick: *Goes behind the school, revealing his grey волк ears and tail*

Yuki: Oh my...he’s a волк too!

Nick: *Ears perk up* Yuki?

Yuki: *Hides*

Nick: Yuki, I can see you.

Yuki: Nick...are Ты a волк too?

Nick: Yeah...why do Ты ask?

Yuki: *Turns into her half-wolf form*

Nick: Woah...another me...

Yuki: *Runs up and hugs Young Nick*

Nick: *Hugs back*

*The field*

Souhei: *Watching* That little dog...I want revenge!


Nick: Yuki, can Ты keep a secret?

Yuki: What is it?

Nick: Well, it’s that I am kind of a hero...

Yuki: *Tilts head* What do Ты mean?

Nick: It’s just...I tend to...dress up and save people...

Yuki: I don’t follow.

Nick: *Sighs* Well...

*Suddenly, it starts to rain*

Nick: I’m sorry...I have to go...see ya! *Runs back home*

Yuki: Just what is he hiding? *Starts to walk home*

*Later, the path*

Yuki: *Hears something* Who’s there?

*More footsteps are heard*

Yuki: *Changes to her волк form* I’m going to ask Ты again...who’s there?

*Suddenly, three large, frankenstein’s monster-like creatures jump from trees*

Yuki: *Growls at them*

Monster Creatures: *Charge at Young Yuki*

*Suddenly, three boomerangs hit the Monster Creatures*

Monster Creatures: *Dodge*

Wolfe: *Has a black and blue cape, a black motorcycle шлем that looks like a wolf’s head, a silver and blue disc-shaped shield, a black and blue riding suit, and a pair of Katanas* Pick on someone your own size!

Monster Creatures: *Charge at Wolfe*

Wolfe: *Slices two of them with the Katanas, and then throws his shield at other monster creatures*

Monster Creatures: *Change to dust*

Wolfe: *Goes to Yuki, speaking in a deep voice* Are Ты alright?

Yuki: *Growls* Who are you?

Wolfe: A friend.

Yuki: *Raises a suspicious eyebrow*

Wolfe: *Starts to run*

Yuki: *Chases after Wolfe* Hey! Wait!

Wolfe: *Ducks into a thick amount of vines*

Yuki: *Changes back to her human form* Darn...

Ame: *Spots Yuki* Yuki, what is it?

Yuki: Oh...nothing...*Walks back home*

Ame: Big sis, Ты don’t want to be tired during the Klaria Corp field trip tomorrow.
posted by Dhampires
I lay in my backyard starring at the clouds above completely taken by my thoughts-my memories.

I was laying in my-orginal-bedroom the only sound was my beating сердце as I sat up i felt like I was being watched, as if someone was right in my room with me. Someone I couldn't see. Then that's when my mom walked in as if she knew exactly what was going on not only by the lookin of terror on my face buy she felt it too.

Her eyes met mine for a секунда they locked, she broke it as quickly as she made it. Slowly she eased her way around the whole room studying-touching-everything as if she'd never...
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Chapter Three: New School, New Worries

      "You're lying," I сказал(-а) but then again, who would lie about something like this. "My father would have told me if he was in danger. We have a strong relationship."
      "That maybe, but would he really want Ты to worry when your spy exams are coming up? Would he want to add еще to your plate of stress?" Darrell raised one eyebrow for my response but he didn't need one. He already knew what I was going to say.
      "You have a point but," I said. "What is the school going to do about it? Surely, they wouldn't let one of the most вверх notch...
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posted by 1999jacko
Dark Fantasy(I think)

Drake and Sam stood at the edge of the road waiting for the cars to stop zooming past. селезень, дрейк was starting to get really impatient so she started to shout," oh come on! how long does it take for us to be able to пересекать, крест the road," his face going red and all the while Sam was laughing his head of at the rants that селезень, дрейк was going on about until finally he said," come on man lets just go under the bridge it may be the long way but its easily quicker than this, so come on." Sam had already started jogging towards the entrance to the little path that lead under the bridge by the...
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posted by campcheerio123
I did not write this song; all credit goes to Lenka

Underneath the moon,
underneath the stars
Here's a little сердце for Ты
Up above the world,
up above it all
Here's a hand to hold on to
But if I should break,
if I should fall away
What am I to do?
I need someone to take
a little of the weight
Or I'll fall through
You're just the one that I've been waiting for
I'll give Ты all that I have to give and more
But don't let me fall
Take a little time,
walk a little line
Get the balance right
Give a little love, gimme just enough
So that I can hang on tight
We will be alright,
I'll be by your side
I won't let...
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posted by Problematic129
    “Yes, again, another weird experience at the very same school where a storm occurred, and now it seems as if something happened yet again. A call to the police from the one of the students или staff was made claiming that their power was off and in the distance they heard screaming and what-not, were thinking it’s a severe burglary, and a perfectly planned one if so.”
    “Why…? Is this book so important to them? Why can’t we be left alone for at least a second?” Edith wailed going...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy~
    “Yes, it was very bizarre, indeed, Michael. In the middle of the day, in the town of Spear Springs, a horrible storm occurs, nearly knocking people off their feet, it came out of nowhere ad stopped just as abruptly. And if that’s not weird, in a neighborhood of that same town all the windows of the houses on the block smashed at the same time! It’s really…” I zoned out on what the woman was saying.
    It wasn’t bizarre at all, the storm came from the book, again. Zaria, Alex, Iris,...
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posted by Problematic129
Life is cruel
    Yes I know
    I’ve always been down that road
    Feeling hurt, feeling pain
    My whole life was full of rain
    But I stood up
    Standing ground
    Feeling as if I wasn’t lost, but found
    Getting back what was mine
    Feeling strong, happy, and fine
    Don’t let sadness take Ты down
    You are you, and can be happy now
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy~     
    I could barely conentrate throughout the day, my mind kept on wondering. Why did we need to learn at a time like this? It feels like it was just yesterday that we were almost killed by this storm created from the book, and the school knows it too. Why risk it?
    The Вопрос asked for all layers, and I could tell I was really asking myself. Why risk it? For a book of all things, a few months назад if Ты сказал(-а) I’d be counting ona book I would have laughed in your face,...
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Well, here I am, back here, and I am dragged into this prison cell.
Guard 1 says, "You will be stuck in here for 24 hours with no food, no water, no ANYTHING.
I say in a meek voice, "Not anything?"
Guard 2 says, "You got too much ear wax in your ear, kid? Want me to bring Ты a Q-Tip?"
I thought the guard was joking. But, I thought, maybe it would be of some use to me. Everything's worth something when I'm stuck in this old musty prison cell. "Actually, sure. Thanks." I said.
The guard frowned at me like I had some mental issues или something. Oh well, better not to talk back to him. Hmmm...maybe...
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