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posted by Portia0623
Newly born
A tiny voice raised high
Going nowhere
A single spot on the page

It grows
And walks in waves and braves the горький wind
Shakily on its spindly legs, it smudges the paper
Пение its first tune
A tiny tune
Twirling and whirling
It grows taller
And tougher
With every beat of its half-grown heart
It grows

Joined by others
They sing together
A forgotten voice
A reflection
Of Остаться в живых symphonies
Tooting their trumpets
They stand to attention
An army of discord
Marching forth
Into a brand new dawn
posted by SilverFanGirl
Thanks for the memories
Chapter one
June 6, 1994, my birth. My mother never meant to have me. Never did. My father's condom apparently broke so they were stuck with me. A babygirl. I had short brown hair with amber eyes. But when I was born, I had blue with a light brown lining around my pupil. The doctors never could figure that part out. My eyes changed quicker than most babies. My eyes changed a week earlier than they were supposed to. That's why I get picked on, I tell that story and no one believes me. They call me "Weirdo", "fake", etc.
Though my mother left and my father is a total drunk,...
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posted by Problematic129
    ~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 25
    It’s time to get romantic!
    I couldn’t stop the blushes that came each time I saw Ryler, just a little розовый in the cheek making me look lovelier, I hoped. As the days went on Ryler and I started to hang out more, and it was like heaven. I didn’t think about anything else when it came to him, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    “Hey,” I say as I smile at Ryler when I enter my house after an awesome день of school. “Where’s Adam?”
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Disappointments are for yesterday
Don't even care now if I slipped right down
Just wanna get back up

Oh where are the times we stood up straight
Never let something shove us down?
Oh when did we get back up
When something tripped us over?

It seems like yesterday when we did that
But we're so obnoxious now it's crazy
Just pull yourself together
Cuz I don't even care if I fell

Well yesterday was the worst день of my life
Just tripping on the hard cold cement
But yesterday seems like eternity now
Cuz I'm not looking back now

Disappointments are for yesterday
Looking back on them is naive
Why do Ты wanna be a fool
Looking back on the streets of disappointment?

So get back up and breathe
In the warm city air
Disappointments are for yesterday
So pull yourself up.
posted by 1999jacko
Ты never know what Ты might write do you, Ты could write about your life Ты could even write a Фэнтези novel but the one thing people have forgotten about for years is the Dark of Writing.
Not many know about this story all the normies know is that bad things happen all the time killings, earthquakes and tornadoes and еще but what starts them what starts anything.
That is what the Dark of Письмо is it's death on the happiest день of your life, it's Любовь when its forbidden and its a death for a new life.
But worst of all, and Ты can't tell what I am about to tell Ты to anyone, only the special...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Gunshots fired across the streets as soldier upon soldier fell before their brothers; the blood seeped through the thin uniforms, offering no protection или comfort. The front line men had taken a beating, trapped in the city with the Bellators and cut off from their troops. Flames leap from between the buildings as reinforcements moved in with the flame guns, torching anything and everybody without the mark of the sword. Men and boys no older then ten could be heard screaming as the flames licked their skin and burning through the flesh. Battle had been going on all morning as battalion V35...
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Ryker's point of view.

I couldn’t go home. I just couldn’t make myself. I knew Sami was there, waiting, but I was worried if I got beat one еще time, it would kill me. Then who would take care of Sami?
    I leaned against a large building and thought. Should I at least go tell her where I was? But then He might catch me. I decided that I wouldn’t go today. That would make sure that I was alive to take care of her. Anyway, I needed to sell what was in my backpack.
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posted by rory2011
Hayley was lying on the ground without any Переместить ,David was watching his daughter being tortured between Mac's hand

he slapped her three times then he hit her head with the Стена ,in somehow ,Kat could get out of Mac's hand ,she took three steps back but everything she was seeing is dark with red and black vision ,she couldn't run away или find a way out cause her head hurt her so much
Mac walked fast after she stood away ,and he pushed her against the Стена
he was holding something in his hand
" let's see if Ты can handle this " Mac сказал(-а) , he looked at Kat for a минуты then he looked at David...
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posted by malmcd
Alice could still fell the warm breeze glide across her skin and through her blonde streaked клубника red hair, making it fly every which way. She remembered looking over at he father with his warm brown eyes and brown hair a shade litter then his eyes. His nose big as every. She would always make fun of him for that nose. She remembered leaning in to give him a warm Kiss on the check and saying, “I Любовь Ты dad.” He looked down at her and said,”I Любовь Ты two.” As he turned into the Далее road, She gasp. He slams on the breaks but it’s to late. They were heading straight at another...
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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 24
    Trapped in a deadly game
    It was bizarre, it had about everyone I knew and learned from the visions, but I couldn’t rush in, we had to go one at a time. Although it was form Dorothy’s point of view.    
    The first page was brief, it basically explained it was Dorothy’s sort of diary, and she’d put some key notes and thoughts in it two. When we flipped to the other page it was of me, it took two whole pages. One page a picture of me smiling brightly at the camera, obviously young, and the...
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posted by rory2011
David's health getting worse and worse after all these problems ,he can't understand anything happen around him ,he's screaming with Paul's name
it was very hard on Kat to see all that happening and she can't do anything ,this is the секунда time she feel of herself weak and pointless ,the only thing she can do is making her father's pain less with the tranquilizer

another hard thing for Kat is making money , her brothers won't help her anymore and her father is very ill ,she had to work in the hospice as a cleaner, she doesn't get much salary ,but she can buy cheap Еда for her father and...
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30 hours. That's how long I had to live. The doctors had warned me that this день would come about 3 years ago. But I didn't believe them. They've сказал(-а) it before, several times in the last 3 months, and yet it never did happen. But this time, everything was real. Reality had fianlly hit me. I was going to die. That was it. That was the last time I would ever doubt myself again. People surrounded the outside of my hospital room. But no, not my dad. He could care less. I'm only 17, geez Dad. The least Ты could have done was call me или send me an email или something. But I didn't know until last...
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posted by flabaloobalah
I was overwhelmed with how happy and excited all our cousins were to spend the summer with us.
Tim was the oldest of them, and was my age. His face was a bit frightening, with glaring hazel eyes, runaway red hair, freckles, and his height. Plus, he had a bit of an underbite.
Jess was the Далее oldest, maybe a год или two below me. She always reminded me of an angel, with her soft blonde curls, big blue eyes, dimples, and optimisitc outlook.
Joey was Jess's twin brother. He looked barely anything like her, with his dark hair falling in his equally dark eyes. He even acted differently from her....
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posted by hgfan5602
I am a broken-winged eagle
Who cannot fly
Because I have set no goal for myself.
Other people laugh and scoff at me,
And I know that I must quickly find something
To hope for.

Everyday I think,
"What's the use? Nothing is my talent. Give up."
People think I am nothing but stupid,
But I can see that light within myself.
I have not yet soared.
I have not yet found my dream.

One day, I find something unique to dream for.
Something that can take me to faraway places
Anywhere, beyond this universe.
And now I can soar.
Far, far, faraway

Where no one can catch me.
Where no one can disturb me.
Where I can be free.
Where I will no longer be
A broken-winged eagle.
posted by alicia386
Chapter 2 – Southern Belle Rule #14: Never Drink Alcohol
Jazmyn Langston stood in front of her mirror feeling defeated. Her auburn hair was braided to the side, but there were still loose strands. She wore ripped, faded skinny jeans and a tight fitting Paramore t-shirt that barely fit over her belly button with black combat boots. Nothing in her closet made her look as if she belonged. The Обои of the beautiful girl across the улица, уличный made her grit her teeth and change her outfit for the third time.
The girl across the улица, уличный wasn’t the only reason why she thought she didn’t belong in...
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Note: to those who are Чтение this and like it, I will take requests, as long as:
1) It doesn't interfere with what I've already written
2) It doesn't create a new character

Sometimes I hate school so frigging much. Actually, I wouldn’t mind it so much, except for no one really likes me. See, I’m real social. So when the only people I have to talk to is a budding juvenile delinquent, a geek with freckles and braces, a hyper redheaded girl, and a sarcastic blond (Quin can get really sarcastic sometimes), Ты can understand why I feel like that.
    Don’t get me wrong....
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Chapter Thirteen: Eat Them Before They Eat You

      It was early the Далее morning when I woke up. The night before seemed like a dream to me. I expected to find myself in the school dorm или in a hotel because dad and I had to stop before we go continue the mission. Then I realized that I was actually stuck in headquarters with Darrell, Courtney, and Raven. Raven was up and walking to do. She still wouldn't talk but she was walking. Darrell was still sleeping along with Courtney. The realization of finding myself in this position made it increasingly hard to fall back to sleep.
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posted by 1999jacko
action или Фэнтези I am really not sure

Present Day
Leo,now 13, stood on вверх of the tall, sturdy дерево looking for any sign of the kids who kill. Luckily he'd been there for 2 hours and seen или heard nothing and decided to make the свинг, качели back to the дерево he lived in with Jason and Sarah, he ran down the branch and jumped onto the branch and pushed off from what they call the watch tree.

The swinging was the greatest thing ever in Leos mind, with the trees flying by at unnatural speeds, the insects moving all around your head wondering whats going on and best of all the height your up at, because...
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posted by alicia386

Chapter 5: Who сказал(-а) I Wanted to be Apart of This

      Two days later, Marco kept his promise to Jason. He сказал(-а) he wouldn't say a word to the girls. He wouldn't mention anything about Sammy или D.B.E. He never сказал(-а) he wouldn't let them figure it out. It was hard on him to see Faye so clueless about the real world. If he didn't help her now, who knows what would happen to her and her friends.
      Simone's plan worked perfectly. Part one was to make Mr. Stone have a stomach ache. It was gross to hear when he was in the bathroom and then it was awful to smell once he came out. Then his...
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I deny the truth,
But really,
That is nothing.
I do that just to protect myself.

I cannot let the truth overcome me
All at once,
I must let it come at me
Pieces by pieces.

The truth is always shocking,
At many times sad.
But I must accept the truth
Even after a while.
Because denying the truth
Is like lying to myself

Denying the truth hurts my soul
But it also protects my soul at the same time.
I don't know what to believe.
It's all too shocking for me.

I deny the truth.
I protect my soul.
I protect myself.
But I also hurt myself.
added by alicia386
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