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light's out
chapter1 the letter

dear Doctor Andrew
the visions have come back it has been a week seance we moved and i told my parents about it and they just сказал(-а) that it was the new house the new school but i can tell Ты what they are about i got two letters from my best Друзья mothers and they сказал(-а) that Dave and Sara both died in a car crash on the high way by a drunk driver and the last time i saw them was the день we left to падуб, holly, холли wood because my dad had got a new job as a body guard for his Избранное celebrity johnny deep well i can't complain he's mine to so what should i do about them...
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Credit goes to: Richard La, who wrote, produced, and performed this song.
Remembering the Past, Hope for the Future
by hgfan5602

I sat there, at my desk, Далее to my bedroom window, thinking about the past events in 2012...and remembered the time...when I was at Relay for Life. It would not be soon before I, myself, passed from cancer also. My doctor сказал(-а) that I would only have a few months left, so I decided to make the most of it.
Our team had raised $6864.88 for cancer patients across the globe. We had all been preparing for this one special time. I was walking the Survivor's Lap, and watched as all the survivors of cancer walked a lap together. It was so cheerful!!!...
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One of my Избранное songs of all time!!! (I do not own anything)
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I wrote this before Christmas. Hope Ты like!!!

Andre Louis sat quietly in the library. His butler, James, was standing Далее to him with a phone on a silver platter. It have been half and час since his mom called him and explained that they were not coming Главная in time for Christmas.

His parents have been in Italy for 3 months. They only called about twice a month.

"James," сказал(-а) Andre, "We may need to make other arrangements for Рождество this year. Отменить all of the decorations and ужин parties. Tonight, i will take a walk. Make sure Katy is in постель, кровати on time."

Andre did not want toshow his misery...
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((This is an edited version of a novel Опубликовано in the Письмо club. It was mainly worked on by two very different authors. I have done my best to repair any mistakes, but please ignore any that remain.
Currently, the book has six chapters. At the end of Chapter 6, watch for a special challenge.
Hope Ты enjoy!))

The Task
    It was a foggy morning. Guardians at the grey city walls could barely see the green forest that was not so far ahead. Behind the city was great mountain that was preventing enemies from coming from behind, so they only guarded at the city gate. Suddenly...
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Sometimes I have this feeling
Right here deep in my heart
A feeling that is steady, pounding against my soul
A feeling that I write but can't complete

Oh, I want my dreams and hopes to be heard
I can't hide my feelings any longer
No one's gonna stop me from doing what I want
They will not be pushed aside

Now I'm done believing what Ты told me about
I have no trust или faith in Ты anymore
And it's time for me to follow my dreams
To stand tall and scream out my lungs

Listen to me and the story I will tell.....
I was just sitting by the bedside
Staring at the world outside of my home
And it changed my life,...
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