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Just a funny little video to lighten the mood at my Избранное old club:)
лиса, фокс
what does the лиса, фокс say
posted by 1999jacko
Alli was picke up and driven to hospital straight away blood still gushing from her face and arms, the tears mixed in with blood making her wounds stung even more. Then after a few hours of stitches, antibiotics bein pumped into her wounds andalusia tr blood being cleaned and scrubbed off her body, she finally lay in постель, кровати with no one around to comfort her but the silly nurses who try and cheer her up a bit but failing miserably. All of Alli's wounds were stinging and aching to the point where she could hardly Переместить to reach her IPad, she slowly gave up and decided to just lay there and wait for...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy~
    “Just tell us!”
    “I already told you! I don’t remember!” Stilere yelled. “All I remember is having this headache and something and then when I was walking this weird feeling and then I opened my eyes…but I know something happened, I just can’t remember!”
    Zaria opened her mouth to say something else but I cut her off. “If she doesn’t remember, she doesn’t remember. Were just gonna have to…jog her memory back, yeah, that’s it.”
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posted by psychmacgyver
The Музыка blared loudly, and I could still hear it with my hands covering my ears. The other high school students skipped and ran through the dark woods at midnight on their way to a deserted log кабина in the middle of nowhere. I rolled my eyes (like all high schoolers do,) at the others, drunk and incoherent.
I could barely see two feet in front of me, when I banged into a firm wooden door. I stumbled backwards as I cursed under my breath and rubbed my forehead. I then succeeded in opening the door and getting in the cabin. It was warm and cozy, with no party energy whatsoever...yet. I regretted...
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posted by rory2011
while Kat cleaning the house ,she heard a weird voice coming from the corridor ,it looks like someone is eating there in a loud voice
she went to see what was there ,Mac was behind her when she saw a ghost for an old man eating himself
she looked scared and shock at the ghost ,the ghost of the old man looked at her , he was very angry ,he ran towards her fast while he's screaming and he was opening his мотылек, моль , he wanted to bite her или maybe eat her
she screamed when he was almost got her but Mac's voice cut what she's seeing
" what are Ты doing here ? " Mac asked
" I'm just a... I'm just cleaning...
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posted by malmcd
Millions of Miles Apart

From the moment your born somewhere out there Ты have a true love. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same сердце strings as Ты and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep Ты apart from one another...But what if my one true Любовь isn’t here? I mean what if I never find him или her if that’s the case which I hope it’s not. I don’t know what to say but I’m different from the rest...What if there’s no one out there for me?
My name is Sunflower I was born on the first день of spring, March 20, 1998. And was...
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A/N: I Любовь Любовь loved the feedback I got for Part One! Not to mention the prompts :) I Любовь Ты guys and I hope Ты enjoy this one! еще feedback equals faster posts. Happy Чтение :)
ALSO: If you're new here, here's part one: link Anyways, enjoy!

The Stranger's Musings: A Collection of Drabbles (Part Two)

Prompt 1: Darkness (requested by SweetHoneyBunny)

The darkness suffocates me.

I can’t see, I can’t breathe. My hands claw at nothingness as I
attempt to find a way out.

My breathing escalates. It feels as though my lungs are constricting.
Cold sweat breaks on my forehead and I find...
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posted by alicia386
August 10

      Shea Wainwright was one of the many girls who screamed when they learned of the appearance of Derek Tonkin. He wasn't coming until Далее week but Shea couldn't wait. She could finally claim that she dated a rock star. It was so obvious that he was going to end up dating her. She was the most Популярное girl in school. Why wouldn't a rock звезда choose her as his girlfriend. She entered the lunchroom with her fingers interlocked with Eric.
      As usual, everyone was in their own group. The jocks were flirting with the cheerleaders while the nerds kept themselves on the outskirts...
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posted by Annanonymous
........ Kairtlyn sighed. Normally she would get eighteen coins this день from selling flowers, but she got two today. She picked her цветок basket. Nobody in Sderina would want Цветы now. They are celebrating the Dutchess Maira's birthday. As she walked, two guards pointed a her.

"She's the Duke's daughter!" one of them shouted. The guards began to chase her. She ran away, and slipped....
(literally 80 минуты later...)

"There she was!" one of the guards said. She had fainted, and she was opening her eyes....
"What are Ты doing with me?!" she shouted.
"We want Ты to live at the Duke's castle......"

(To Be Continued.)
posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy~
    It was crazy, one минута we were just wandering aimlessly around looking fro the Источник of the noise and the Далее this…thing, comes out from nowhere. We ran like crazy, not bothering to look back, we Остаться в живых Alex in the way and we were freaking out.
    “Where did he go?!” Iris asks, freaked.
    I shake my head. “I don’t know.”
    I’m close to tears and Iris looks pale, all of a sudden we hear this roar, followed by a scream,...
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posted by malmcd

'Do Ты ever get off the couch, sir?
Do Ты ever get off the диван, мягкий уголок and stop watching TV?
Do Ты ever go for a run?
Do Ты ever simply walk around или exercise outside?
Do Ты just play video games all day, sir?
Do Ты even do any work?
Man, Ты are lazy! '

I would not be surprised if someone
Said this to you, my friend,
For I am the cause of it all.
I am one of the Deadly Sins,
As Ты humans call me,
For I am what makes people a lazy bum.

I am a daemon from the pits of hell,
As are all my other brothers,
But I must say,
That I am not a sin,
But rather a human instinct.
And it amuses me to see Ты sit around...
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To my honorable and loyal readers this goes because in just a few еще chapters..the story is going to end,and I have made a decision not have a секунда part but to post a new story The Stones of Aramis..I have Опубликовано the Prolouge for those who haven't read go to my Профиль page and Ты will find it in my favorites.
Chapter (20):
It's been two days since Abbie's dream and she has been yearning ever since to talk to Susie about it, but she hasn't got the chances because of the very little classes they are in together and...
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The dark shadows of the 5 tall men faintly lay on the Стена of the old abandoned factory. Among those men was the Killer and the Leader of the group of men, but it was neither of them speaking it was the newest and most deadly member, who was trying to push himself into the spot of the killer of the group and push the old one out." Listen to me guys sure he got the job done and it was a clean job but he should of waited until the suspicion of us had moved on before killing her." He turned his attention to the leader and continued," if Ты had дана me the job I would of waited because she didn't...
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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 23
    The difference between
    I always knew being rich made Ты poorer, for one, you’d most likely put your things first before anything else, but some people manage to keep compassion. My family was never rich rich, but we still had many luxuries, but they never helped our family.
    But not being rich doesn’t mean Ты get a good life either, because in the end, nothing’s perfect it’s just nice или good. Families break up, Друзья betray, strangers steal, it’s just how the world works in some cases. We feel powerless...
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posted by SisterOfThalia

Because I'm too lazy to type it again. :P I wrote this poem because I just graduated a school and it's really sad, and I do not like the idea of leaving all of my friends. I know that there are a few that I'll never see again. So I kind of vented about it through this poem. I hope it's good. Hgfan5602 is such an inspiration, so this is pretty much dedicated to them. I've always stunk at poems, and I haven't written one in ages, so I hope this will suffice as a decent piece of poetry.
posted by SisterOfThalia

This is my first full-length story that I've made.

Ты know, I would post it here chapter by chapter, but there's 23. And that would entirely cover up 'The Deadly Truth' (I know that should probably be underlined but my computer sucks and that isn't an option on here) chapters that are up thus far so I'm not doing that xD

Based off of the Percy Jackson series.

Note: This story kind of stinks, especially the first five chapters. Eve is a major Mary-Sue at the beginning, I think, but won't let me change it so I can't really do much about it (plus I'm a sentimental weirdo who doesn't like to change things-- really gotta get over that). The секунда story, which I'll post after I get feedback on this, is WAY better. I'm on chapter 14 of that and it's already longer than the first and by FAR еще descriptive and all. I blame myself for being younger when I started the first one :P
posted by Bluekait
If Ты pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If Ты haven't, here's a link:


For any inspiring horror story Фан can gladly vote here:



Little Johnny boy didn't know about it till it happen. He was curious but didn't take warnings seriously. His parents couldn't handle the loss of their only son. Do Ты want to know what happened? Here it goes.

Johnny boy was an 17 year-old boy who dressed in black and known for his charm and outstanding, mind-blowning magic tricks. He had lived a good life and had good grades in school. Johnny had a...
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Chapter 13
    The whole gang
    “So…? Um…would Ты rather, live on an island for a год but then be saved and become a billionaire, или get stuck on a cruise ship for a three months with no money whatsoever?” I ask.    
    Ryler ums, while Beth scrunches up her eyes, the others just boringly blink. Beth Ответы first.
    “Stuck on a cruise ship.”
    “Why?” I question.
    “Well…think about it, I’m going to have to find food, clothes,...
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~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 31
        Close to perfect: A few months later
    Adam wrinkled his nose as Ryler grabbed for my hand once we seated. “Can Ты guys stop with the lovey dovey, it’s gross to see my best friend and roommate romancing my sister.”
    I stuck my tongue out at him. “Like your not romancing Sage up in front of me.”
    Adam’s cheeks pinkened a little, and I smiled victoriously. Yes, my dear readers, Adam and Sage are a couple, yeah, surprised me too....
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posted by 1999jacko
Ricks parents and lawyer were sat either side of him as the two detective continuously asked Вопросы that rick would only say no Комментарий until they sai one that he could," how old are you?" One called Johnson asked and rick simply smiled,"12," he сказал(-а) knowing that even though he was twelve the lawyer he had was the best in town and he can't be beaten. Detective Johnson had a hard glare on his face as he spoke," we'll boyo you've been seved and if Ты fail you'll be put in juvy for 2 years with no pribation или early sentences, got?" Rick still smiled confidently and said," yep" his voice happy...
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posted by E-Scope90
This song is about braking up with someone. Please Присоединиться my club E-Scope90 if Ты like it. I'll post some еще if I get enough views.
Oh Caysee
Casee, Caysee,
Can't Ты see
Your Любовь isn't fit
For Ты and me
Caysee, why won't Ты understand
I don't want to take your hand
Why can't Ты find someone else,
Oh Caysee?
Caysee, don't feel so blue
Ты can find a boy for you.
(repeat 2x)
Caysee, why cant Ты see
You're just not the one for me.
Just please understand
Our Любовь isn't grand.
I don't wanna make a fit in front of the Музыка stand
Can't Ты see
You're not the one for me
Caysee, oh Caysee
Oh, can't Ты see???!!!
Ты can never be...
the one....
for me...