Пары на ТВ {Round Eighteen} My вверх 30 favourite couples countdown // pick your 'least' favourite

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Matty and Jenna
Damon and Elena
Freddie and Effy
Oz and Willow
Clark and Lois
Piper and Leo
Seth and Summer
Emily and Daniel
Leonard and Penny
Pacey and Joey
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Stefan and Katherine
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Моника и Чендлер
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Jim and Pam
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 smckinlay2 posted Больше года
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1. Brooke and Lucas
2. Dan and Blair
3. Serena and Nate
4. Phoebe and Cole
5. Ryan and Marissa
6. Kris and Junior
7. Alex and Izzie
8. Emma and Ethan
9. Mark and Lexie
10. Rory and Jess
11. Barney and Robin
12. JD and Elliot
13. April and Jackson
14. Buffy and Angel
15. Bonnie and Jeremy
16. Ross and Rachel
17. Jackson and Lydia
posted Больше года.
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babe1492 picked Damon and Elena:
yuckyyy haha
posted Больше года.
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Nicolas97 picked Damon and Elena:
When this countdown started there were 13 couples I loved,
now there are 3 :P
posted Больше года.