Пары на ТВ My Избранное Couples!!! Ты choose??

Pick one:
Lucas and Peyton
Oliver and Felicity
Spencer and Toby
Michael and Sara {PRISON BREAK}
Барби and Julia {UNDER THE DOME}
Hardison and Parker
Chuck and Blair
Scott and Alison
Hook and Emma
Brook and Juian
Elijah and Hayley
Mick and Beth
Robin and Regina
Peter and Olivia
Stefan and Elena
Hanna and Caleb
Stiles and Lydia
Stiles and Malia
Clay and Elena
Dan and Serena
Nathan and Haley
Annie and Auggie {COVERT AFFAIRS}
Neal and Sara {WHITE COLLAR}
Sydney and Vaugh
Carrie and Al
Vincent and Kathrine {BEAUTY AND THE NEAST}
 mitsaki posted Больше года
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