Пары на ТВ ♥ The most Beautiful Tv-Couple ever is:

Pick one:
Brooke & Lucas [One дерево Hill]
Summer & Seth [The O.C.]
Rachel & Ross [Friends]
Phoebe & Cole [Charmed]
Blair & Chuck [Gossip Girl]
Brenda & Dylan [Beverly Hills 90210]
Joey & Pacey [Dawson's Creek]
Lorelai & Luke [Gilmore Girls]
Buffy & Энджел [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
Lana & Clark [Smallville]
Haley & Nathan [One дерево Hill]
Monica & Chandler [Friends]
Abby & Luka [ER]
Serena & Dan [Gossip Girl]
Kelly & Brandon [Beverly Hills 90210]
Peyton & Lucas [One дерево Hill]
Logan and Veronica [Veronica Mars]
Jake and Peyton [One дерево Hill]
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Booth and Кости (Bones)
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Michael and Sara (Prison Break)
Michael and Sara (Prison Break)
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JD and Elliot [Scrubs]
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Chase and Cameron-Chameron-House md
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alex and izzie
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Meredith and Derek (Grey's)
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Buffy and Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
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House and Cuddy ( House md)
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Tony and Ziva [NCIS]
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