Пары на ТВ Избранное Out Of My Избранное Moments From My All Time Избранное Couples? (Random Order)

Pick one:
Spike & Bufy: 'You're the one'
Barney & Robin: 'With Ты the touble doesn't seem so troubling'
Jim & Pam: 'Plan A was marrying her a long time ago'
Seth & Summer: 'I Любовь her so I guess that makes me King'
Cordelia & Angel: 'We take what we get champ and we do our best with it'
The Doctor & Rose: 'I bet you're going to have a really great year'
Willow & Tara: 'She's my everything'
Michael & Maria: 'I want Ты to see me'
Amy & Rory: 'How can I leave her?'
Sonny & Chad: 'Will Ты go out with me?'
Jesse & Rachel: 'I I thought you`d never come back'
Puck & Rachel: 'I'm really sorry I ever did this to you'
Finn & Quinn: 'Can we be in Любовь again?'
Xander & Anya: 'I'm not gonna find anyone out there like you, am I?'
Ryan & Taylor: 'I Любовь Ты and I don't wanna lose you'
Monica & Chandler 'You make me happier than I ever thought I could be'
Penny & Sheldon: 'Leonard look Sheldon is hugging me!'
Hanna & Lucas: 'I didn't mean to like…invade your personal…skin'
Marshall & Lily: 'I missed Ты so much'
Max & Liz: 'Not like I Любовь you'
 AnaHallam posted Больше года
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