Пары на ТВ Most Heartbreaking Scene?

Pick one:
Leyton " I can´t live without Ты Peyton "
кататься на коньках - Sawyer jumps off the plane
Bangel " What about me? I Любовь Ты so much "
Leyton - Peyton letting Lucas go
Seth/Summer" I just want Ты -No Ты don´t "
Derena " I still... - I know me too "
LoVe - Veronica finds Logan with Madison
Bangel - Buffy kills Энджел
Leyton " Ты did not mean any of it "
Seth/Summer " I don't Любовь Ты anymore "
Leyton - Lucas carrying Peyton to the hospital
кататься на коньках - " Yes, I Любовь him! "
 carambolas posted Больше года
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