Пары на ТВ what is the funniest "name mix" for a couple?

Pick one:
JIM - JD and Kim - Клиника
PHLOB - phyllis and bob - The Office
MAN - Micheal and Jan - The Office
MANDLER - Monica and Chandler - Друзья
JERRY - Jordan and Perry - Клиника
giara-gilbert and sara-csi
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Buck или Chair- Chuck and Blair- Gossip Girl
Buck или Chair-Chuck and Blair-Gossip Girl
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Bo-oth- Кости and booth
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SereNate - Serena and Nate (Gossip Girl)
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Tiva - Tony and Ziva ((NCIS))
Chair / Chuck & Blair [Gossip Girl]
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LoVe - Logan and Veronica - Veronica Mars
LoVe - Logan and Veronica - Veronica Mars
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Jalice - Alice and Jasper (Twilight)
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Delena - Damon and Elena
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