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posted by Repo-girl
Hi! I'm Письмо a new fanfic about Bella having a new Любовь in her life. Tell me what Ты think! Please review! I have the preface and part of chapter 1 done but, I'm not posting chapters until they are finished. So, here goes!


I stared at him. His perfect,pale body just a few feet away. He smiled at me and winked. I blushed. He laughed and came toward me.He bent down and wrapped his arms around me and held me. I had never felt so much Любовь for him. My love. My life. My mate.
Chapter Four

    Her eyes weren’t quite the golden color of all the others, they were still slightly murky. She stared at me with a expression I couldn’t make out.
“ Hi Mika. it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Edward’s voice was like honey.
“ Hi. Um, nice to meet Ты too.” I murmured softly, trying to look away from Bella’s penetrating stare.
“ Bella stop. You’re making her uncomfortable.” Edward сказал(-а) softly.
Bella looked away from me a moment and stared into Edward’s eyes. The tension that crackled between them seemed to fill the room but everyone was...
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Ch 7
A/N: I own no characters. Plz R&R!

I climbed out of my rusty truck and stared into the eyes of 7 people. Laurn, Angela, Ben, Mike, Jessica, Eric, and Tyler.

"Bella!" cryed Angela, as she flung herself at me. "Sorry, Ты probaly don't remember me....I'm..."

"Angela!" I gave her a hug back. "I remember, all of you. Wow. News travels fast in this town, doesn't it."

"Yeah, that's the perks of livin' in a small town." Mike cheered. What was he so happy about?

The колокол, колокольчик, белл rang.

"Well, I see Ты guys later." I hollered. They were already leaving for class.

"Later." they replied.

"Um...."I called...
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Ch 4
A/N:Thanks for Чтение and giving feedback! Plz R&R and if Ты have any thoughts towards what should happen Далее time that would be great.All characters belong to Stephine Meyer.

Bella POV
After about 4 hours of lifelessly laying on the floor, I decided to get up and do something, anything.

I went to the bathroom to go take a shower. My reflection was........well........just horrible. I barely recognized myself. My eyes were red and puffy. My nose was flaming red. My face was so red, I wasn't оливковый, оливковое skinned anymore. I was a little bit redder than a normal Fork's face color.

Also, there...
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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, but Ты all know that by now. But I don’t want to get in any trouble so there. :0)

A/N: If Ты like the chapter please tell me. It is so nice to hear. I know that it has been a very long time since I got this chapter up, but please let me know if Ты like this или not. I really am having a difficult time with things lately and need the encouragement.

Chapter 17

“I’ll do it,” Edward said. Did I hear that right? Edward was going to change me? I was going to belong to him. “And I wanted Ты to know that Ты are going to take the last remaining part...
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posted by xBellaxEwardx21

I was posting this story on Фан fiction for a while! But I got a Комментарий that i should post it on here too! So im going to see how this works. I think i might write this one a tad differently then i wrote the one on Фан fiction. I am going to use different names. So here it is!!! Its set during Eclipse. But im not going along in perfect Oder of events. Like almost all of the events that occurred in eclipse will occur in this. But they won't go in perfect Oder.


I never really gave much thought into death. I never gave much thought into life either. I just always thought we were kind...
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posted by Emoshinell



I was still upset about the whole pregnancy thing. But that didn't stop Jacob and me from playing our new Избранное game...every night. So I guess something good did come out of this

But the Далее день I realized something was off. My period was due. But no cramps. No blood. A день late I guess...or could it be...?

No. No WAY. I went to the store and but another pregnancy test. But it came up a negative. Sigh. I guess it's just late I thought.


Nessie was still upset...
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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez comment!!!! I used most of the part about the phone call from Stephenie Meyer's website but everything else is my idea.

Today, I simply took the liberty of turning my cell phone off.

I did not call Emmett, which I sort of feel bad about, but I couldn't take another phone call. I couldn't risk one having the same amount of pain that Alice's did. I'm very selfish.
Here I sit, in the same attic I was in before, in the same position. I've been thinking about going back, which might be the reason why my image of Bella behind my eyes, is happier. I was causing my family so much...
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I opened my eyes, I moaned once I saw Alice peering over me. “You sleep like that dead” She told me. I rolled my eyes and got up, Alice pushed me back down. “Edward сказал(-а) that I had to make sure Ты got your sleep” She said, I couldn’t help but smile. “What time is it?” I asked. She rolled her eyes. “He’s not Главная yet” She said. “Well you’re the one who can tell the future when is her coming back?” I asked she crossed her arms on her chest. I rolled my eyes and hugged her, she didn’t hug me back. “I’m sorry, Alice Ты are the best babysitter ever” I said, she...
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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters… just this story.

A/N: Please, please, please review. I really need Ты all to keep me motivated. So read and let me know what Ты think of my story.

Chapter 10

*Back to BPOV, same день that Jake came to visit Bella at the Cullen’s*

I felt better knowing that I got to apologize to Jake. I know that I jumped on him and he didn’t need it but I was angry and I shouldn’t have attacked like I did. And I am sure that Ashni didn’t like that I jumped all over him either. I regretted it the moment I opened my mouth. I really should learn to think before...
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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: Same as always… I do not own the characters.

A/N: Please, please, please review and let me know what Ты think of my story. I’ve been having a hard time Письмо it lately since I have been sick, but please review this and let me know that Ты still like it.

Chapter 9


“What is she thinking? She knows what they are and yet she stays! What could possibly being going on with her head that she stay’s there with all of them?” I was beyond mad. I didn’t understand why she was Актёрское искусство the way she was. I know that they helped her with her parents funeral, but dad and I would...
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She kept walking, I knew to follow, she started chatting off about who's dating and big assignments she had to do. We stopped once we reached the office."Well I'll see Ты later" She сказал(-а) walking off. I wanted to pull her back, I had always been to the same school, and I had always had Jacob. I walked up the stairs and opened the door. I could tell the school had money, the walls were covered in Медали and they had 2 trophy cases, all the shelfs were filled with golden cups. the room was empty which was better for me. I walked over to the desk, the woman who was sitting there was small, she...
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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight characters.

A/N: Please continue to review. It really motivates me to write some more. And if there is anything that Ты would like to see in the story или see happen, please let me know.

Chapter 6

“Whoa. Guys, what’s wrong? And where did Jake go?”

Edward and Alice looked at each other then at me. Their faces relaxed a bit but I could tell that they were still tense but I didn’t understand why. What was so bad with Jacob that made both Edward and Alice react the way they had towards him?

“It’s complicated, Bella.” Alice said. “You may not have...
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Edwards POV Ch2

" I can't really dance", She whispered when we were on the dancefloor.
"Do not worry I will guide Ты thorough". I tried to reassure her so to make her feel better I would start with introductions.
" My name is Edward Anthony Masen and your is ?"
" Isabella Marie лебедь but I prefer Bella." She spoke as if she was agitated. Better to calm her down.
"Okay Bella Ты do not have to worry I will guide Ты thorough."
Then carefully I sild my hand across her small soft waist and pulled her close and held her hand mine.
At that moment all I wanted was her and I and I would always want her...
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added by pameee
posted by renesmeblack
Sorry for the huge gap in the middle, folks but I'm working out the kinks. Thx!


"JACOB BLACK!!!" Renesmee yelled. " What. The. HELL."
Uh,oh. Nessie has been this mad only once before. That was when I finally had to reveal the Любовь between her mother and I in the awkward past. She gets all розовый in the face-seriously, she inherited pale skin from BOTH parents- and her voice has authority and VOLUME in it. I really start to fear, not her, but what she is able to do, and then I get ready to start begging for her to please STAY.
"All I сказал(-а) was, you're half-vampire," I said.
"Yes, but I'm also...
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*A Vampire*

I shook my head slowly, watching his eyes dart between mine. He let go of my face and put his hands in his lap, his expression pleading. I looked at his eyes, his noes, his perfect mouth, his jaw, his neck, his everything searching for an answer. He obviously wasn't human, because no one in the entire world can run like that. But a vampire? Are they even real? The only thing I knew about Вампиры was they are not living, but they are not dead. They are cold. No, Gregory wasn't cold when he was touching my face... или was he? And they can run very fast. Yes, that he could do. Vampires...
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Hi! There will be a surprise in this chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 24
Bella's POV

The plan was simple. When Maria and James took us with them, we would run and find Edward. After I was finished with my shower, I felt sick. I threw up in the toilet. What could have made me so sick?
I got my answer when I felt something Переместить in my stomach. Uhoh.

Edward's POV

We had arrived at the place where James had hidden Bella. It was deserted. Alice had a vision. It was Bella. On a bed. She was in pain. A little dark-haired girl was on the end of the bed, telling Bella to push. James was on the other side of the...
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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, just the idea.

A/N: Please, please, please… review! I need some feedback! I want to know that Ты guys like this story and want more. Please review!

Chapter 5

Oh my god! What was that dream about? Why was he staring at me like that and why did he lunge at me like he did? What did it mean? I mean it was just a dream but it felt so real. It was so vivid; I could feel his breath on my face, and his hands on my shoulders.

I looked around and noticed that I was once again in Alice’s room. I have no idea how I got up here. I can only assume that Edward brought...
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I woke up drenched in sweat. It was the middle of the night. I could see the moon out of my window.
I found it beautiful most days but today it terrified me. This dream I had was... Interesting, In a very-scary-oh-my-goodness-I'm-going-to-pee-my-pants sort of way. I was on a cliff, I don't know what I was doing. My head was on my knees and tears were streaming down my cheeks. I was actually crying. I had never once cried in my whole (now four) years of existence.

I vaguely remember a hand. A warm brown hand, wiping my tears away. A breeze had caught on the cliff and it whispered my imprint. A...
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