We were all traveling together for a while, out wives tolde us to go and have fun. We would be make in about a week. My name is Emmett, and we are vampires. My brothers Jasper, and edward were play fighting, while i was watching closely. My adoptive father carlisle who is a vampire too. Was thinking to himself.

Thats when i heard the noise. Evrything stopped the fighting, the thinking. We were all locked on the bushes from which the sound came. We were all crouched perpared to spring. Thats when she revealed her self.

She was Beautiful. She had blonde hair that came to her chin and was cut in a bob. so the hair curled under her chin almost. She had green eyes. She had a nice figure too. thats when she spoke " My name is sydney" she сказал(-а) with a smile. I could tell that she was human.

" Hello sydney, what are Ты doing here?" asked Carlisle. "well i was out in the woods for a walk and her noises so i thought i would come and check it out. Thats when i found Ты guys.." She said. " Ты guys are Vampires, aren't you?" she asked.

we were all baffeled. How could she know that we awere vampires! " ive been a vampohlic i gues Ты could say, since the time i was nine. Always interested in them.." She сказал(-а) quietly. I saw a tear go down her face. " Jasper is about to loose it." edward сказал(-а) to quiet for her to hear. " take him away from here." carlisle responded back.

I walked up to her. Tilted her face up so i could see her eyes and asked " Why is that your crying?". She took a little while to answer. " when i became interested in Вампиры my parents were killed, and my sister. Ive been living alone since then... On the streets in alleys wherever i could fine. I would steal cloths, sneak into peoples houses for showers, and sleep in the woods whenever i could. Thats how i found you."

I nodded then stepped beck. "well your welcome to stay with us" сказал(-а) carlisle. I nodded in agreement. Jasper neede this anyway to get some control in his body. She smiled and сказал(-а) thank you. Ты are very kind. then Jasper and Edward came back, they had just fed, so no problem yet.

I told sydney that she could have my teny but she refused " i dont like to be unable to see the stras. They comfort me." I nodded. when she fell asleep. we all huddled to gether and talked.

" she should Присоединиться us carlisle" i сказал(-а) " She has nowhere to go and is so helpless. shes only fifteen. rose and i could adopt her Ты know that we want kids." I pleaded. " I think that that is a good idea emmett. She is too young to be living this way and for so long she has." No one thought that it was a bad idea not even Jasper. " so it is settled we will ask her tommorow to come and live with us" i said. Rose would be so happy.

End of chapter one