I waited anxiously all night. Pacing, watching, thinking, smiling. I knew that Rose would be so happy with this. She always wanted kids, now she will get what she wants! All of it depended on her answer of course. If she didn't say yes, then we would probably have to kill her. The Volturi don't like humans knowing about our existence as vampires. I have no idea what she would choose i could only hope for the best.

My brothers stared at me all night, Edward kept smirking as he read my thoughts. Jasper tried to calm me down. Carlisle just looked at me. " Ты guys can stop staring ya know, I'm not going to eat her." i сказал(-а) annoyingly. They all looked away. It was near 1 a.m this was taking too long. I had to do something to distract me. Edward who had read my thoughts сказал(-а) " Why don't Ты go hunting? I could go with Ты too,I'm starving ,so is jasper." Jasper nodded.

Далее thing i knew we were running through the forest together. Sniffing for something delicious. We were in the mountains already. I was looking for my favorite; bear. I was inhaling strongly for the scent i had been waiting for, bear. I smiled, the hunt was on. It was heading west. I ran to catch up. I could see it. It was a few miles a way. I went parallel to where it was. The медведь was female. It looked like it had 2 cubs too. i smiled, this was going to be fun, a mother always is over protective with her young. What a fight this would be.

I ran up behind there ans stood there until she turned around. Her cubs wear growling at me, she turned to see what was wrong, she looked me dead in the eye. I stood there waiting for her to charge. She pounced. it felt like slow motion. I ran to the other side of her. when she landed she looked under her looking for her. I whistled, she turned towards me and growled. I laughed.

I looked at the cubs. They were huddled together up against a tree. They were shaking. I felt awful. I shouldn't take them away from there mother. It was cruel, and wrong. It reminded me of what i didn't have; a daughter. While i was thinking to myself the beat had pounced on me. i was under it. I didn't care. I would let it think it had won, that i was dead. So she could go off and be a mother to the cubs. She growled one last time and went off. I stood up after they were gone.

I went in Поиск of a different meal. Maybe a deer, или a mountain lion. I inhaled deeply i went off in the direction of food. After i had filled my self i went back to camp. it was nearly 6 A.M when i got back. Carlisle was talking on the phone. i just sat on my back and looked up as the stars started to fad away...

Rose P.O.V

I was by the door looking out of the window, waiting for my Любовь to get back from his trip. I had been waiting for days, i missed him horribly. I had thought about running off to go and find him. But i couldn't, it was his guy trip i would just have to try to chill out with the girls. I went to sit on the диван, мягкий уголок with Alice and Bella. They were just chatting.

Ever since Bella had become a vampire and she had had little Renesme. I had liked her better, but my need for children has just been getting greater. Alice and Bella were just chatting regularly. Then, Alice just zoned out like she was having a vision. Bella and i stared at each other then back at Alice. When she finally came out of it, she was grinning. " Your going to have a big surprise, Rose." she сказал(-а) happily. " I can't wait to see the look on your face!!" she screamed. I looked at her, was she going crazy?

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