Sydney's P.O.V

The house was absolutely ginormous. My mouth hung open as i gasped. The pale house had at least 2 stories with 7 rooms on each floor. The forest surrounding it was amazing. Everything fit together like a puzzle that was now complete. I had a huge grin on my face.

I looked at my new family. " Ты LIVE here?" I asked, amazed. Dad shook his head. " WE live here," he said, then put on his grin. I smiled back. I already loved it here. I looked back to the house where i saw another amazingly beautiful vampire. She was blond, thin, and perfect. They all were. She was staring at me, her eyes locked on mine, then my fathers. She flitted towards us.

Rosalie's P.O.V

I heard them coming. Our boys, our men. I flitted to the back door to look from the window. I smiled when i saw them. But i didn't hold it there long. There was a girl with them, a HUMAN girl.

I tilted my head in wonder as Emmett picked her up and swung her around. I opened the door and took a step out. Different scents hit me. Pine, grass, Emmet's, Jasper's, Carlisle's, Edward's, and one so delicious to me i almost couldn't handle myself. It was so floral, with a hint of woodsy. Strong yet feminine I decided.

By know they were all looking at me, even the girl. I flitted down to them, my feet rushing over the grass. They all stared at me. I reached them in a second. I stood there waiting for an explanation.

Emmett's P.O.V

Rose stood there staring at me, then Sydney. Carlisle broke the tension by explaining the story. As he told it Sydney shifted her weight uncomfortably, she looked down at her feet through the whole conversation. She finally looked up at Rosalie when Carlisle had stopped talking. Her green eyes widened, she looked scared at beautiful at the same time. Amazing,

Rose looked at her too. Inspecting her with her eyes. Looking up and down, moving around her. Then, finally she smiled. " I always wanted a daughter." she whispered to Sydney. Then hugged her. Sydney grinned wildly.

" I always wanted a family," she whispered back. Rose through herself out at her, and gave her a big motherly hug. I stepped up to them and wrapped my arms around them both.

" Lets go inside the house," Rose said. " Ты must be hungry after your trip. Rose broke the embrace, the carried Sydney on her back up to the house. " I grinned at Edward.

" Now your daughter has someone to play with too." I laughed. Shaking the forest with me. Edward just smiled and shook his head. We all flitted up to the house, following Rose. We entered the house hugging everyone as we went.

AS if on Que we all went to our wives. I stood behind Rosalie watching as she cooked Sydney a meal. Edward sat with Bella and Nessie on the couch. Jasper gazed deeply into Alice's eyes. Carlilse held Esme from behind and buried his face into her neck, while she wrapped herself around him.

Sydney just gazed at us all. Taking in her new surroundings. Nessie stared at her too. Nessie put her hand on Bella's face Показ her what she wanted. She looked at Edward. he just shrugged. " Um, Sydney... This is my daughter Renesmee. She likes to meet new people and " Показать them things. Would Ты mind if she did?" Bella asked Sydney.

Sydney smiled and walked over to the couch. Bella handed Renesmee to her. Sydney held Renesmee to her. They laughed. They liked each other already.

I held Rose fondly and smiled at her. She smiled back. " Finally, a family." She whispered. I chuckled. This is going to be great.