Sydney's P.O.V

Renesemee was heavy. I smiled at her. She was a beautiful child. She had some of her mother, and some of her father. That much was obvious. She would tell me about herself in her special way. I sat down with her in my lap on the coach while everyone else did what they wanted to do.

After awhile, Renesmee told me everything that she wanted to and demanded that i told about myself. I shifted uncomfortably.

My past... Horrible. Wretched. Scarring. Tormenting. She saw my discomfort right away and frowned. The others saw my discomfort too. My Mom was by me in an instant.

" Ты don't have to tell us until your ready." she told me. I smiled, grateful. My past was something dark and horrible. I was spacing out again. I knew that hiding things from your family wasn't good to do. Since this was my family. My real live (sort of) family. They had a right to know.

I walked over to the couch. I handed Renesmee back to her mom. Then sat down Далее to Alice. Who put her cool arm on my knee. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. This was going to hurt.

I opened my eyes to see that my new family was staring at me. I looked at each of their faces. Memorizing every detail before i started. I sighed. They were beautiful.

" I loved my old parents very much," i started slowly. " I connected them on a deeper level than most did... I also had a brother. I... didn't connect with him well. We were...different." I continued " Anyways, I went off with Друзья one night. I had, had an argument with my family. Well i left to be with my friends... When i got back they... were dead. There was blood everywhere. Puddle after puddle of blood. I ran. I didn't stop for hours. I came to a stop at a cave, where i stayed for a while. I cried my eyes out. Lived on my own. Then i met Ты all" i smiled at them all.

They all stared at me, dissolving what i had said. My Mother came over and sat Далее to me. I hadn't realized i had been crying. " Shh...shh It's ok.." she crooned. Once i steeled down i felt better. Letting them know my history. It felt good. My Dad sat down Далее to my mom, and put his arm around her. I smiled. My family. My home.

My Mom showed me the rest of the Big House, as i like to call it. There were so many rooms. It was hard to pick one out for myself.

I finally choose one. It was розовый and black, with many mirrors and windows. The постель, кровати was huge. There was a desk, and a few dressers. My mom smiled. " This used to be my room." she said. We had good taste.

I followed my mom back down stairs so she could feed me. It had been such a long time since i had eaten a real meal. Years. She made me an ostentatious meal, chicken Parmesan, with fruits and bread. I wolfed it down. She smiled. Everyone has been smiling.

I Любовь it here already.

Emmett's P.O.V

Rose was upstairs in Sydney's room, saying goodnight. I smiled. I knew Rose would Любовь this. I loved Sydney. She loved Rose. Rose loved me. The rest of the family loved her too. I could already tell. She had gone through so much, and she was so young! Edwards nodded with me in agreement. So annoying.

" Bella, could Ты gets this hacker outta my head for a bit?" I asked her. She smiled and laughed. I could tell that she had puller her shield up and over around me. I winked at Edward.

I wondered what she would be like if she were one of us? Would she have a gift? Would she go to school with us? или maybe to work with Carlisle? She did look older than she was, very mature looking. или maybe stay Главная with Esme? hm...

Then Alice gasped, She was having a vision. Edward blanked out too. Seeing what she was seeing too. I looked over to them. Then Alice came out of it. She looked blank.

" What is it?" i asked her.

" It's Sydney." She whispered.

" Whats wrong?!?" I asked. Rose was by my side in an instant. Her eyes wide with fear.

" She... She is going to be like us..." she said.

I sighed. I thought it was going to be so much worse.

" What?" Rose сказал(-а) with worry. " I don't want her to be like that, the pain!! Its un-bearable!" I looked at her. Stood up and put my arm around her shoulder.

I escorted her outside. I had to talk to her.

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