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Fanfiction Contest!

Before I Go Into Details, I Want Ты All To Know That Even If Ты Don't Want To Participate, Ты Can Vote! Thanks!

No Copying Other People's Fanfictions! If Your Fanfiction Is A Series, I'll Read It All And It Will All Count As One! No Negative Comments! If Ты Don't Like It, Please Don't Say Anything! The Fanfictions Don't Really Have To Be About Twilight!

To Enter, Answer This Вопрос Saying Your In And Give Me The Название Of Your Fanfiction! I'll Go Read It!

To Vote, Go To Any Of The People's Fanfictions And Комментарий Saying "My Vote!" Ты Can Change Your Vote If Ты Find A Fanfiction Ты Like Better, But Ты Can Only Vote Once! I'll Keep Track Of Your Votes! If Ты Try And Vote еще Than Once, None Of Your Голоса Will Count!

This Contest Closes October 7, 2010! I'll Get All The Final Голоса Then And Give Ты Your Place!

First Place- Ten Статья Благодарности & Five Other Благодарности Of Your Choice!

секунда Place- Five Статья Благодарности & Three Other Благодарности Of Your Choice!

Third Place- Three Статья Благодарности & One Other благодарность Of Your Choice!

Everyone Else- One Статья Prop!

~Please Feel Free To благодарность Anybody Who's Story Ты Like~

 shivers-zimmy posted Больше года
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