Jakes P.O.V
authors note: Эй, guys i just started and the reason its so short is cause this is a Предварительный просмотр if Ты want еще then please Комментарий and Фан and i will put more.

I was in class waiting for the колокол, колокольчик, белл to ring. when i noticed the most beutiful girl ever i immedietly fell in Любовь i was a werwolf i inprinted quickly "jake could Ты answer please" i turned back into realitly "umm no sorry" i say. when class was over i tried to find her i did i walked over to her "hey" i say. "hi jake right?" she says with the best smile. "yeah and Ты are". "oh i'm allision"she gestures to shake m hand i do and smile. "gotta go umm Ты should call me sometime" and she hands me her number that was the best thing that ever happened to me.. i go Главная with a smile on my face. "hey jake come on" i turn around to see sam calling me "alrigh" i get up and head out. i was running when i had a feeling that something wasnt right. i shake it off then i hear a scream it sounded just like ally's "ALLY" I yell i go over to her and see victoria holding her.anger builds up i try to calm down i dont want her to know but it was to late. i transform and grab victoria but when i did she already bit ally on the neck. i rip off victorias head and run over to Ally she screams in pain i try to stop the venom but its no use.