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What are Marcus, Chelsea, Afton, Corin, Heidi (from the Volturi), Alistair and Charles powers?

At the end of Breaking Dawn, it is written the name of the Вампиры that appeared in all Saga and the powers they have.
Check out Twilight Lexicon....they have alot of info on there... :)
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TriineA said:
Marcus: Can sense relationships. He can tell how strong или how weak the feelings between people are.

Chelsea: Has the gift of undoing или strengthening the ties of relationships.

Heidi: Some people say she can create illusions of someone's desires, others say that she lures people with her beauty.

Alistair: His ability is better described as еще of a sensory of a kind, he sensed the presence of the Volturi. Being that there was a large number of them he sensed the large presence of every vampire, in others words it's impossible to sneak up on him; whether his ability is drawn towards the mental или physical aspects of a person is unknown, but his attraction is not as developed as Dimitri.

Charles: He knows when he's being lied to, just like Maggie (the Irish vampire who was 'adopted' by Siobhan and Liam).

Afton: Power unknown.

Corin: Power unknown.

Hope that helps (:
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