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So right now I am Письмо two stories Another Half and Twilight Series.

Some of Ты may be Чтение them and I really appreciate that but I would like to have other people read my stories too.

Another Half is about Jacob and Renesmee.
Twilight Series is a shortened name for the Название of the story its actually Twilight Series **Rosalie's POV** so as the Название states this story is the whole twilight series through Rosalie's eyes.

So if Ты are interested in Чтение them Ты can go to my spot "rose_emmett". I would really appreciate еще readers.


my spot:
 rose_emmett posted Больше года
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lexie2635 said:
thx i might start Чтение now.
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posted Больше года 
There is also an other story called Unit One. Its a story that I came up with. Thanks. I hope Ты like them!
rose_emmett posted Больше года
thx hon :)
lexie2635 posted Больше года
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