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Is there a twilight dating site? I not, someone should start one.

 mickeybluerose posted Больше года
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mandapanda said:
A Twilight dating site? Um.. what exactly would that include? Regular people dating one of the characters in the Saga? A regular person dating people with the same names as the characters in the Saga?

How would they work? It wouldn't. I'm sorry, but there's enough sites dedicated off of Twilight. There's MLIT (My Life is Twilight) based off of FML (F My Life). That's probably as ridiculous as it gets. I mean, I'm a huge Фан like the Далее person, however, I know when it's too much. And it is definitely past the line of too much. I have occurences in my days when I am reminded of Twilight, however, I don't make up a website that consists of occurences that happen to people all over the world. Setting up these types of websites/fansites are just people asking to be made fun of. Twilight Фаны wonder why they are teased all the time, well here's your answer.

I have no problem with having fun with Twilight. However, it's a little too much and alot of the fans/fangirls don't realize that.
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posted Больше года 
It could just be a dating site based on a shared interest in Twilight. Doesn't have to include role-playing as the characters.
Flickerflame posted ·11 месяцев назад
megan-ox123 said:
I don't think there is, I think it would be a little weird 'cause your dating someone Ты don't know just 'cause there a character from a book. It would be just like a dating site and there is already many of those.
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posted Больше года 
gkane24 said:
I could try to start up a code for one.
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posted ·11 месяцев назад 
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